#172404  by Gavman
Let's just say the electronics and the SHH components and their placement were the same as Tiger, of the stock guitars listed above, which would play and sound most like Tiger? Asking for a friend. HaHa. Thank Jerry and thank you all.
 #172406  by lbpesq
Obviously, the major difference is the neck joint, with Tiger and the Gibsons being set necks and a Strat being a bolt-on. As for playing, Tiger is a HEAVY guitar, in the 13 lb. range as I recall! In that sense, the heavier Les Paul would more closely approximate the playing experience. OTOH, the Gibsons are both 24.75” scale, while Tiger and the Fender are 25.5” scale. So in that regard, the Strat would more closely approximate the playing experience.

Bill, tgo
 #172409  by Jon S.
Welcome, Gavman!

>> Let's just say the electronics and the SHH components and their placement were the same as Tiger ...

This would be a great experiment to conduct to get to the truth. I nominate you to do it! :P
 #172410  by Chocol8
The biggest impact on tone is going to be scale length and pickup positions relative to the scale length. You will get closer with a Strat than any Gibson.

Next, would be bridge style, probably more so than neck attachment. So hard tail Strat with Gibson style bridge.
 #172412  by TI4-1009
Which is why Jerry liked the Fenson (or Gibder) guitars that Irwin made. :wink:
 #172420  by NeilG1
Agree with Bill on the fender. 25.5” scale is key I think. Tiger pickup placement isn’t quite the same though. Don’t quote me, but at the very least the neck pup is shifted closer to the bridge. Maybe even the middle?
Hard tail is good. Maybe a brass nut if you wanted to really try to push it toward tiger?
Then a ceramic magnet middle pup for that era would be on my list too - single coil or splittable double.
If I was getting something to play around with and mod, I’d start with one with a 25.5” scale (so not a Gibson) since you won’t be changing that element

Or….. you could just have a stock Strat and a fender amp and be pretty close if your fingers can do the right work.

Just my 2 cents!
 #172425  by Chocol8
Gavman wrote: Tue Jan 25, 2022 5:22 pm Image

Is this the set up you were thinking about, Chocol8?

THAT would be the place to start. Swimming pool route and tiger pickups and wiring (with proper spacing) and you will get REALLY close in tone.
 #172427  by Jon S.
We’re lucky today to have so much knowledge and so many options. Jerry would be pleased!
 #172443  by KHotchkin
One thing I'd add is to be aware of your amp and cabinet's "impedance". Most are 8-ohm, some are 16-ohm. If you're aiming for a clean Strat tone, I really recommend getting a 16-ohm cabinet. It's a real difference-maker, and there is no substituting for it.

This is something I myself ignored for far too long, is why I mention it. When I finally made the switch to a 16-ohm cabinet, the tonal improvement astounded me. Strats have all the brightness one needs, what can sound lacking is the body, the lower-end. 16-ohms will give your Strat tone its body. 8-ohm might sound all the same on some distorted thick humbuckers, but it makes a difference on a Strat.

Otherwise, yes, I believe Strats are the name-brand to go for in looking for a Jerry tone. I mean, Jerry played Stratocasters, so go figure.
 #172444  by lbpesq
Jerry also played Gibson (Les Paul, SG), Guild (Starfire), and Travis Bean before he switched to his boutique Alembic, Irwin, and Cripe guitars. I think Jerry was very open-minded about trying new instruments and equipment while always, as Phil would say, “searching for the sound”.

Bill, tgo
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 #172445  by TI4-1009
OK, time to insert the obligatory "It's all in the hands" comment. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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