#171722  by Cumtax

Looks like John Mayer finally went through the Twin-like route despite him saying that he understood the reasons why Garcia preferred the amp but he didn't.

Boys order your stuff from Sarno now cause John Mayer fans are going to bubble prices up as usual :lol:
 #171732  by Cumtax
Could be, but he twin preamps and the full jerry pedal bundle? I guess Johnnyboi is finally dipping more and more into Jerry's territory. He's well known, and himself confirmed this, to be obsessive for these kinds of deep dives and after some mushrooms and fellow players he probably wanted to try the best possible Jerry rig out there. I mean he probably came around these parts times and times again for suggestions without notice
 #171734  by Chocol8
That’s an interesting interpretation. Keep in mind, there is nothing in that bundle that Jerry ever used and what Jerry did use is not exactly hard to find.

John could easily buy a real silver face Twin Reverb and a MacIntosh. Heck he could buy the actual Budman Mac! And he could buy Jerry’s actual rack rig with his pedals.