#171719  by PaulJay
Does anyone have experience using a Super Champ Xd or x2 for
Practice or small gigs? Or any alternatives of light weight low watt tube amps that might do the job. Already went the Quilter route.
Looking for small combo for grab and go. Thanks Paul
 #171733  by Jon S.
I’ll try to answer your question but need you to please explain first what Quilter unit you have and why you feel it׳s inadequate for your needs as it seems to me you’re already set for the purposes you highlight.
 #171736  by PaulJay
Hi Jon, I am sorry I failed to mention that I sold my Quilter Aviator head. I have a SMS preamp/ Carvin/ E-120 rig. Just looking for a grab
and go small amp . Thanks
 #171738  by lbpesq
I had an Aviator. I sold it and now have a MicroPro 200-8 (and also a 101 Mini Reverb/10” Blockdock). What did you find lacking in the Aviator? I liked mine, but the MicroPro is more flexible.

Bill, tgo
 #171739  by PaulJay
Funny thing is I loved my Aviator and used it more than my SMS because of its convenience. Couldn’t justify having both so had to choose between the 2. ,Paul
 #171740  by lbpesq
I’m a bit confused. You had a Quilter Aviator as your convenient grab ‘n go amp, but you got rid of it because you had your SMS/Carvin/JBL rig and couldn’t justify having two amps. Now that you have one amp, you want to get a second? Am I understanding this correctly?

So what’s lacking in the Quilter as a grab ‘n go? My 101 Mini Reverb with the 10” Blockdock cab is as grab ’n go as you can get. 13.5” x 12.5” x 10.75” and about 17 lbs. total weight. A real 50 watts that can keep up with a full band.

Bill, tgo
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 #171741  by PaulJay
Sorry Bill, for being vague. I was using the Quilter Head with the Jbl in a home made cab which is heavy. So, just looking for a small combo
to bring to a jam . I will have to check out the 101 reverb and block dock. Thanks