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 #171308  by broesau
I've been a member here for years, but I never properly introduced myself. Quick description. Decent rhythm guitar player, poor guitar collector, gearhead. I've also got a wife and two daughters.
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Hi Bill! Always nice to have another Bill hanging around. I can’t help myself, I have to ask: being from Tennessee, do you know Jed?


Bill, tgo
 #171311  by Jon S.
What a bunch of comedians we are. :lol:

I spent a week in Nashville, in the summer of '04, attending the National Guitar Workshop in Murfreesboro. The class was Hot Country Guitar licks. Our guest instructor was Bill Kirchen. We learned guitar all morning, jammed all afternoon, and hit Broadway each night. I got maybe 4 hours of sleep a night and got sick as hell upon returning home but it was worth it!

Here's an example of putting some of the hot country licks I learned at the Workshop into practice. Yeah, I know people who play Mustang Sally are the butt of jokes across the 'net but the women get up and dance to it so it can't be all bad and it's a good vehicle for country and rockabilly licks.

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 #171334  by broesau
Thanks for the welcomes. By poor, I guess a little bit financially and quality wise. I do know Jed, he's my 16 year old cat.
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