#170600  by broesau
I see that Doug is back at work in his shop. He seemed to have disappeared for quite a while there, but is now back working on guitars and fairly active on social media. I know he has been visited by some guitar builders from here, like Leo, but I just can't help and wonder why he dropped off and suddenly came back and if he is planning on building and selling guitars.
 #170601  by lightningbolt
Doug was nearly killed in a hit and run accident in 1998. He was destitute and recovery took a long long time. I am not certain he ever fully recovered. Hence why he sold Tiger and Wolf at auction 20 years ago....he desperately needed the money.

Others here probably have more details than me.
 #170602  by lightningbolt
I have commented on his instagram and he states that he never stopped building....but he is only doing one offs and not taking orders. I wish someone would post a picture of an Irwin built after 1990 or so when Rosebud was delivered...I haven't seen a single one.
 #170604  by lbpesq
Doug was making wooden neckties for a while. He showed some to me the last time I stopped by for a visit (pre-pandemic). Really beautiful, intricate, and creative!

Bill, tgo
 #170647  by thistle3585
I really don't think its anyone's business, but Doug's, on his personal life over the past few years. I know I've had some difficulties in my life and I wouldn't want them speculated on nor publicized, accurate or not, across the web. I spoke with someone from Doug's shop and they said he'd be taking orders in a year or so. Right now, he is selling a variety of guitar/dead inspired items such as limited run pins, shirts, etc. He seems to post photos of projects in his shop on a regular basis.
 #170763  by TI4-1009
broesau wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:02 pm Wooden neckties!? I'd love to see one.
Photos of a few on Irwin Guitars Facebook page. Go way back to mid-2019.