#170138  by Jon S.
I'm on a new kick - inspired by RUKIND's recent threads on a variety of vintage gear - pulling old gear that I haven't used in decades from my parts drawers and giving them a fresh spin.

Next up are a trio of Boss pedals I bought new in the '80's (1st two) and '90's (3rd):

- TW-1 T-Wah (auto-wah)
- BF2 Flanger
- CH1 Super Chorus (original analog version)

Curious if anyone here's using any of these now (or have in the past) and, if yes, what did you think of them?



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 #170139  by PaulJay
Hi Jon, would be curious to hear your review on the T-Wah.
Thanks Paul
 #170140  by Searing75
I used the Boss AW2 way back when I first started searching for that Jerry filter tone. It was a gift from my brother one Christmas. It was decent, but I had difficulties with the harsh, ice pick highs it produced at the top of its range.
 #170141  by perljam
I remember the T-wah not cutting it for Jerry tones, but that was a long time ago...
 #170142  by Jblue76
I used to have the T wah— loved it. Had such an open air sound if memory serves. Didn’t do it on its own for me as a mutron replacement, but for a while I also had a keeley neutrino and when the T was in front of the neutrino and both were engaged, the tone and feel of the envelope was awesome. I sort of wish I could A/B that combo with the microtron.