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Does anyone have any tapes from the 7/19/89 Alpine Valley show? By far my favorite Morning Dew is from that concert. Was hoping I could send tapes to get a copy of the show. I'll pay for postage and time. Just let me know.


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I used to have clean 2dn gen sbds of this run, I foolishly gave away almost all my tapes when I started getting cds of the shows. This is my favorite Morning Dews of the 80's.
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listening to it now
I was at that show
as i recall this was the first time they clamped down on vendors and overnight parking
"no tickets no entry to the lot"
Last Alpine Run too as i recall
World Music Theatre in 90 (Brents last show)
Fwiw Im looking for the the 87 season if you have a line
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Can’t help out the OP, but I was at these shows, too, camped in the lot. Every night was something special in its own way, though I couldn’t tell you exactly how straight from memory. Exhaustion was one element of night three. And rain. I wasn’t such a savvy camper back then and popped my cheapo tent in a low spot. Girlfriend and I had to pile into the back of our friends’ Jimmy with them to stave off hypothermia. I think this was also the first time my young eyes ever witnessed public intercourse; just a little love in the afternoon for a coupla heads doin’ it in the tall grass between camping areas. Of course that was before the rain. Then it was a long-ass drive back to State College, PA, where I had a dirt cheap 4-bedroom apartment with 7 other guys. We all worked at the bar/cafe/music venue next door, and when I got home my boss thought I wasn’t due back for another week, so no work scheduled. Just as well, I needed the recovery time and spent that week teaching myself basic guitar. Got just good enough to sit in with friends who played without totally harshing their jams, and they were generous enough to oblige with further instruction along the way. That summer of ’89 was a kind of time I knew I’d never live again.
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Now, that's a good story! Man, I miss those kinds of days.. So badly!