#150736  by brbadg
As usual ,more than one way to look at it.I don't see any sort of love thing happening in this song at all.
 #150747  by Rusty the Scoob
Eh, nearly everything's a love thing when you're in a love-thing frame of mind. And there is the line about broken hearts.

Personally I think it's random poetic images strung together with no real narrative or even central theme other than a sort of melancholy longing. Reminds me of some of the more literal 1997-up Phish tunes.
 #170924  by FromWichita
For many years, I misunderstood the opening verse about "Julie catch a rabbit by his hair, come back steppin' like to walk on air. Get back home where you belong and don't you run off no more."

I had always an image, as if from childhood, of Julie being so delighted at having caught the rabbit, the way she comes back isn't just walking - she's kind of dancing, the way children spontaneously demonstrate innate grace. (Great quote: "How inimitably graceful are children before they learn to dance!")

Anyway, some day back in the past, it hit me "like a diamond bullet": It's the rabbit stepping like to walk on the air! Julie's holding him off the ground and his back legs are pumping!

Side Note: Jerry was asked what song he enjoys playing most with the Dead and he said Row Jimmy.

There are two more of those "A-ha!" moments with lyrics I've had - with TN Jed and Peggy-O and I am going to see about posting in those forums.

"Puisque toutes les creatures sont au fond des freres, il faut traiter vos betes comme vous traitez vos amis." (French)
Since all animals are brothers under the skin, we must treat our beasts like we do our friends.