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I'm just looking for some input from other people. This has been on my mind for a while. In the tape compendium for this show (2/28/69) the Lovelight was described as "relatively mellow." RELATIVELY MELLOW! :shock: :? There may not be a nice Pigpen rap in this, but Jerry's solo explodes like a horse out of the starting gate. He continues through this 8 minute mind-boggling rampage with the intensity similar to the Harper College show. Am I the only one who feels this? To my knowledge it's a fairly common show so anyone else who feels the same or different please let me hear from you.

 #463  by sahdff
Jerry's solo on here is killer! It just keeps building, until finally he breaks into some killer runs. This is one of those jams that you don't ever want to end. The rest of the song is rather mellow from Pigpen's viewpoint. But Jerry's solo is anything but mellow. The rest of the show has some killer jams by Jerry also. I've let my brother-in-law listen to this and he instantly became a "Pigpen" Grateful Dead fan. What are some other shows with killer Lovelights like this one?
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Thanks for your reply :D
That whole run at the Fillmore is amazing (2/27-3/2/69). It's the only run in history to feature a Dark Star>St. Stephen>Eleven all four nights! You can check out the Live Dead album which DOES include a great Pigpen rap on the Lovelight. Also, the soloing on The Eleven is absolutely out of this world! See if you can track down Two From The Vault. It's recorded in August of '68. It has some intense, fire-breathing solos on it. The New Potato is worth the price of the whole double disc. Really great Pigpen tunes as well. It's a must-have for anyone who loves the Anthem of the Sun.

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Yeah, the Lovelight on Live/Dead is kind of the benchmark for me. It was one of the first Lovelight's that I learne the ins and outs of. It's not the best Lovelight ever, but it has it's own merits (including the Pigpen rap). I love when someone breaks in and says "Get your hands out of yo' pockets and turn on your luvlite". The Elven jam is pretty awesome too. It contains what I like to call the "cosmic cowbell". Somewhere near the middle the cowbell breaks into this killer backbeat that just reaches out and grabs you. Listen for it!!

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I think that's Phil saying that "Get yo hands outta yo' pockets and turn on yo' Lovelight!" in a real low voice.
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this song is tooooooo much! if your looking for a killer version check out
4-27-69. lovelight>me and my uncle>sitting on top of the world.
dark star>st. stephen>the eleven>BACK INTO LOVELIGHT. PIG RULES.