#93435  by steve
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:05 am
rugger wrote: Personally, I dig the vintage stuff, but there are plenty of folks that think the Princeton Reissue is a very nice amp. There has been a fair amount of discussion on this over on The Gear Page you should check out (a really informative site btw). Here is a link to one: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showth ... p?t=824244

Once I discovered the playing of Jim Campilongo, and what he does with a Princeton (and a telecaster), I was sold--and of course I had to get one!


Good Luck!

John in San Diego
Sounds damn fine in that video! I had a feeling the DRRI would be too much, so I'm going to take that out of the running.

Strummin, your mention of the Blackbird led me to further research it and I found nothing but glowing reviews! I'm honestly thinking that this may be the amp for me. Too bad you don't know that guy in Boston; I'd feel better going ahead with that if someone could vouch for the guy :-) . I do have one question though about the reverb. I hear people saying it's more subtle than that of the Fender, which is routinely described as having a "surfy" reverb. Does the Blackbird have solid enough reverb? I sorta wish Fargen wasn't limiting new stuff to heads and cabinets, custom shop aside. I wouldn't mind ponying up several hundred more for a new one with warranty given the option. All of the comments I read about those amps couldn't have been better.
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 #93449  by 1960strat
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:11 am
Ok, i was all set to reply to this post with clips from my princeton reverb and delux reverb for you to listen to..... and my DR needs some fresh tubes and sounds like crap... So all you are going to get is the Princeton Reverb.

So here are all the details:

1) first pardon my crappy playing

2) my PR is a 1968 silverface model that has been modded to have a 12" speaker. The speaker in there is a weber California.

Here is the clip with my Jerrycaster. Amp settings: Vol 4, Treb 9, Bass 3, Verb 4

http://ia700408.us.archive.org/3/items/ ... caster.mp3

Here is a clip with my 1971 335. Amp settings: Vol 4, treb 7, bass 5, verb 3

http://ia700408.us.archive.org/3/items/ ... /Pr335.mp3

This was all recorded through a Senn e609 into protools with no effects or editing

I will say this, the amp gets kinda wolfy on higher bass settings, she loves treble. I picked her up for around 900. Cheaper because of the modifications. Also it loves teles.
 #93462  by steve
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:37 am
Thanks for the samples. I see what you mean about the high bass settings; it did seem quite dominant. Did you get yours through CL or did a local shop have it in? I've a shop near me that regularly stocks vintage gear, though recently I haven't seen much other than a '73 Twin and a couple of other high wattage amps. That Princeton sure sounds like it could be a lot of fun to play with.
 #93474  by sants
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:09 pm
I have a Deluxe Reverb reissue with a K120 and it kills! It sounded decent with the stock speaker but the with the jbl it is a totally different amp! I can get that crisp clean Jerry or the growly jerry as well.

I have a vintage 65 twin that I run with either stock speakers of my ht style 2x12 with e120's. The twin is more robust and should be for that matter. I definitely get a better low volume tone with the Deluxe. I use my twin setup for bigger or out door gigs where I can turn it up a bit. With the jbl's the amp is much louder on the same settings than with stock speakers and I have to turn down. Sometimes it results in a thinner sound and the deluxe sounds better. Adding a JBL to either a Deluxe Reverb or Princeton with add significant volume and clarity!

I also bought a vintage 66 pro reverb that was stock. Great sounding amp but I got rid of it because my deluxe reverb reissue with jbl sounded close or as good. No joke! The DRRI had much more head room than the pro because of the JBL!

The princeton's are great little amps but if that is all you are using I would go DRRI. CHANGE THE SPEAKER!!! It can make an ok amp sound like a super amp! The 10in Speaker will not give the full sound of a 12.

I love my twin but find myself noodling and having more fun on my deluxe reverb for most applications. I find while not as thumpy on rhythm, a single 12 cuts much more for lead tones.

To add to that, the best comment I have ever received about my tone came when I was using my Deluxe reverb reissue. Not my twin or Matchless Chieftain! A lowly PCB Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp!
 #93477  by strumminsix
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:26 pm
Steve - the reverb is more like studio. Ben was telling me about it a few years ago and said how it's not like Fender but you can get alot of reverb from it. Something about how all the signal doesn't goto the reverb tank and it's mixed in. Don't remember exactly but you can dial in a healthy amount of 'verb and still hear each note clearly.

Sorry, gents, that I don't like near MA or PA. If i did I'd invite y'all over for beers and gears :cool:

Sants, sorry :lol: my favorite amp maker and will likely be doing another custom with him one day...
 #93479  by steve
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:54 pm
I wish I had enough to go ahead and do up a custom. I seriously could not have read better reviews about these amps, the Blackbird in particular.

Sants, I think the DRRI is just too powerful for my current needs.

I'm seriously contemplating a used Blackbird. I didn't come across one bad review while researching that amp, and it's built to have the tone I'm looking for.

Strummin, you're saying these pop up on thegearpage and ebay somewhat frequently? I saw one posted on ebay but it's a 2X12, so likely more power than I'm looking for. I think I'll give that gentleman in Mass a ring over the next couple of days and get a bit more info regarding his amp for sale. I saw a few online dealers that have had that amp in the past but all are currently sold out. One claimed, soundpure I believe, to be the only place set to receive Fargen combos this year. I think maybe an email is in order to learn a bit more.
 #93481  by steve
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:07 pm
Thanks for the link! That'll be damn useful. Earlier I was looking at the CL page for each city near me and major cities. So nice to have it all up in one place!!
 #93712  by bstormwind
 Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:56 am
I figured I'd add my experience as I own Princeton reverb, deluxe reverb, vibrolux reverb and pro reverb amps. If I could only keep one for around the house and gigging it would be the deluxe. To me, sounds great at low volume and has been the perfect gigging amp from both tone and portability. I play strats with alembic blasters. I have found my deluxe to have the headroom when I need it but can push it into a little hair with the blaster for leads. Love having that control with the turn of a volume knob. I play small to medium (up to 150 cpacity) bars and do mic the amp when called for depending on the venue. Currently I have a reverend alltone 1250 speaker in it. Did have an e120 in it (sounded great) but heavy! and a really dig the alltone.

Don't think you could really go wrong with any of the smaller fender rever amps I know there are other choices for small combos out there but if you have your heart set on a fender don't compromise and be itching for one later. Craigslist may be the way to go for vintage. Can't beat a local sale Just be patient. They come around for reasonable prices eventually. Good luck!
 #94633  by helio
 Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:58 pm
Look into vintage (blackface or silverface) Princeton Amps (non-reverb versions). They are a good deal cheaper than their Reverb cousins, and sound amazing. I have one that I use for home playing. Sounds just as great at very low volumes. But I can also take it into the band room, or onto a stage, plug it into a 1x12 cabinet, and have plenty of volume with the band. On stage it's given me plenty of stage volume. Was mic'd for front of house.

One other advantage the non-reverb Princetons have over the Princeton Reverbs... if you like the cleans and want headroom... is that they stay cleaner longer up the volume knob. Some folks report cleans up to 10. My humbuckers get it dirty around 7-ish. Great, great amp.