#88893  by gr8fulbluz
So i started to play with Casey jones and thought hey lemme see a good shot of Jerry playing.
With the tabbed out stuff here and the legendary licks DVD, I figure the next step would be to watch the Man his-self play.
I found this one, pretty good quality. I dunno? maybe there is better.

now i think i will play with the Bob parts also. :twisted:
 #88901  by tigerstrat
1992 isn't exactly the classic version of this tune... what about the Last Days Of Fillmore vid?
 #88902  by tcsned
Jerry looks positively Lilliputian standing next to Bruce :-)
 #88943  by gr8fulbluz
tigerstrat wrote: the Last Days Of Fillmore vid?
just not a lot of good shots of jerry playing, which is fine. Jerry's positions seem to be pretty straight forward. I have been listening to a 1971 Palladium, a 1970 washington dc and the one on workingmans. Good versions to work from. also, I have scribbled out all the parts from the Legendary licks DVD instructional, my own sloppy tab not really tab at all. I just ran out of steam these last few days, but i wanna go thru some of the tab here and take a closer look at the Bobby parts. there is some good stuff here on both guitar parts. I just have to wake up.