#81507  by aoguitars
 Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:12 am

I've been searching around here for some reviews of these Eminence Commonwealths that are supposed "clones" of the old E-120s, but haven't come up with too much real opinion. Have any of you played these enough to say that they're a good replacement for the E-120 vibe? Any of you A/B'd the two? I'm in the process of building some cabinets and have wanted to check these out for a while, and wanted to see what my fellow rukinders think. I have an old E-120, so I plan to check the two next to each other at some point.

thanks in advance, boys!
 #81649  by JonnyBoy
 Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:27 pm
I really like mine, but I don't know how much they are like a REAL E120. I also use a K120 clone in my 1x12 called a Black widdow, and the sounds are different. That may be because I am using the widdow in an Open back as a 1x12 and the common's in a partial open/closed back 2x12. I can pull Jerry tones on both though. The 1x12 is brighter and less forgiving, but that may be because the cones are 20+ years old and it shares no power from the amp with another speaker. The common's are more full sounding, more bottom end, but NO lack of bright sounds like a JBL. My band likes the Common's better, probably because they are "New" speakers relative to the widdow, they must be more articulate and sensitive than the older Widdow . I can do Jerry on both, and the Widdow does it easier. BUT, I get the nicest overall tone from my Emmi's but A/b them with a real E120 I have not. So this is probably more useless info for you. I can tell you this, THEY ARE REAL HEAVY and have gobbs of power!!! Much more than I will ever use, and I haven't heard it break up yet. But, Speaker's depend SO much on the amp and guitar, its hard to know what they will do for you. I would have looked into Webber neo mags if I knew my cab would have cause me such a hernia. Its at least 100LBs! I'm glad I've had all my children. Good luck! :smile: