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enardi wrote:hey bill, what scale did you use for your leads here? I saw in one of your responses that you use the d major petatonic, but I can't quite get it to sound right (or is that d scale just for the em g d section?), do you use other scales as well?
Here's how I look at this:

First off I'm always thinking and noting chord tones as I pass through a chord and head toward the next.

The Em-G-D part I'm pretty much thinking D major Pentatonic with G added - can add the C# as well and think D Ionian. I suppose I'm thinking D maj Pentatonic with a G or C# here and there. If you think D Ionian then mode wise you'd think:

All the same notes

Over the Em - E Dorian
Over the G - G Lydian
Over the D - D Ionian

The A-G-D - A Mixolydian

Or Mode wise:

Again all the same notes as above

Over the A - A Mixolydian
Over the G - G Lydian
Over the D - D Ionian

F#- F# Mixolydian

A - A Mixolydian

The F# is the only real key modulation I see in this song - as far as I can tell anyway

Let me know if this helps any.
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thanks man this is great stuff. I wasnt exactly sure of the scales when I first learned it so I was just mainly playing around with the safe notes based on the chords used in the song, so this info scale wise helps alot.
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hey bill you think you can tab out a little of those licks inbetween the chord changes it would be grately apprecieated