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 #59032  by phpbb
 Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:22 pm
SIRIUS XM will broadcast several of The Dead's shows from their spring 2009 tour, the band's first tour in five years, exclusively on its Grateful Dead Channel. The live broadcasts will kick off with The Dead's show at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, on Saturday, April 18.

SIRIUS XM's Grateful Dead Channel will provide Dead fans with the only on-air opportunity to hear the highly-anticipated concerts. ... ryID=17430
 #59065  by FretfulDave
 Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:09 pm
If you mean the home antenna, make sure you got the clear angle for the signal. Or if you are in a relatively populous, urban area, there might be land based repeaters and you would be good. I bought the home antenna and I can't get a steady signal. Not that the $35 is all that much but I sure was disappointed. The ambitious person could pull the antennae out of the car and give that a shot to check for signal when near the house. Good luck with the antenna.

Also could try to sign up for the Internet account. I had that working a few times. Got a nice Ratdog show a couple years back but I butchered a few songs by fumbling with my deck. My wife is still unhappy with me. Seems every time I use the Internet account for Sirius, it is disabled the next time I try. They tell me it is included in the subscription and support usually gets it set up again. Always with a different username/password :cry: .

Best of luck getting shows whatever you do. :cool: :smile:

 #101720  by CoolBreeze
 Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:22 am
So I got a new ride (first time I have ever had a "new" car)- and it came with 3 mos free Sirius radio. Cool. It has a Grateful Dead channel. Cool. I assumed it would be a lot of American Beauty and Workingman's Dead.

NOT! This thing is incredible! I'm sure sometime I'll check out all the other offerings they have, but my dial is stuck on the dead channel. The recording quality of the live stuff they play is pretty flippin exquisite- all soundboard stuff. And then to hear tunes like the studio version of "France"- I own it, but never dial it up. When it's on the radio it just makes it- fun, I guess.

I'm thinking when my 3 mos is up, I may very well sign up. Not affiliated with Sirius in any way- just completely blown away by this station. I know this is old hat to a lot of you- but I just kinda backed into the situation- and am lovin it!