#58301  by kenneybonz
hiya y'all we are going to the show in the hook. I went to the one in 82 which is stll a classic soundboard listen.
i'm stoked cause cville was always a big dead town and we always had to go to other places.
Banned from nearby richmond by city mgr robert bobb in 1985, that single item killed richmonds music scene dead on the spot, and built cville's, DMB rose out of that and put the place on the map.

anyWHO, if you DON't have tix yet, try them online at ticketmasters version of stubhub. They are actually selling for LESS than the original issue price. Dunno why since other shows' price went up and even other shows at that arena are higher. but WHO cares, cause if you don't yet got tickets, the prices are are cheaper which is so awesome.

this one plus rothbury might be my whole tour, but it should be a great evening and the town should be rocking afterward.

anyone else here w plans to go? We know one other fellow from here and hope we kinda caravan to it from here in west richmond.
 #58351  by wisedyes
Looking forward to heading up there with ya and the womens. If the show is good, I'm thinking I may try to score a ticket for one of the Philly shows. Be nice to go see the boys there one last time, lots of good times in that place.
 #58357  by Shuxter
I'll be at the C'ville show coming out of the tri-cities area.
 #58374  by kenneybonz
right on dave.. gonna be fun..and shuxster, i'll send ya were we are at too..
FWIW, I hadn't seen JPJ arena till yesterday when the mrs. was avoiding service charge fees on a 7 ticket purchase somewhere else... that place has the awesome parking lot.
the town was especially friendl to the scene way back when and more so now.. plus it's in the middle of UVA ...
i always see something funny on a bumper there.. this time it was jesus fish on a car with feet with shoes on it and a monkey wrench in it's mouth with "evolve" written in it's center...
funniest thing I saw since the obama energy bar for sale at the innauguration...