#54973  by Chuckles
Question is, will Trey be all the way there?

You had to see a lot of shows when Jerry was at his nadir to catch a few superb ones.

Just sayin'... not that I'm a huge Phish freak, but you gotta hope he's got it together.
 #55258  by Good Times
Just to let everyone know it seem that dead.net is slowly releasing more and more tickets for the shows, or at least continuing to circulate tickets that weren't sold. I was originally shut out getting tickets for the Denver show. I have been checking every couple of days on the pre-sale to see if any tickets became available but the site continued to show it as sold out. Today I tried again and was able to get 2 ticket in the lower level of the arena, section 146. Just an FYI for anyone still looking for tickets. :smile:
 #55527  by deadguise
More tickets for the Dead at Shoreline came on sale last Sunday 1/25. I actually got for 4 lawn seats for $35 each. What sucks is that Live Nation charges $12.50 for a "service charge" and $6. for parking for each ticket.