#55108  by Chuckles
jonarobb wrote:Fuck! I just stubbed my toe on an amp! And it fucking hurt. Anyone think Tatum O' Neil is smoking crack right at this moment?
FUCK the Bad News Bears!
 #55112  by Rusty the Scoob
jonarobb wrote:Fuck! I just stubbed my toe on an amp! And it fucking hurt. Anyone think Tatum O' Neil is smoking crack right at this moment?
Right at this moment? Why, was she seen paying $100 for a Dead ticket?


 #55118  by bucketorain
the orignal post sounded like 1970 at the Exhibition in Toronto where everyone thought it was their right to go see the show for free...

I can't afford to go to the shows, but if I had the money I would pay happily because I still enjoy their music and the joy they have brought to my life....to say fuck the dead is pure expressive opion and this is what makes freedom of speach worth it.

times are tough all around, if you are doing well and can afford the cost, good on you. as for the dead charging 100 for a ticket, well, that's fair..if you don't ask for it you wont get it...and resenting / boycotting, and feeling that they owe you for all the money you spent on them in the past, becasue they are charging 100 is simply silly. there isn't one person around that would take 100 per ticket if they could...i hope they get the 100 per ticket.

Rise Capitalist Hippies Rise!!

ps...at the Copps Coliseum shows in 1992, I was charging $2 for veggie pasta pitas, .50 for cokes on the 1st night, and on the 2nd night my price went up due to demand...$3 and $1...but again it was a qualilty product..,JUST LIKE THE DEAD SELLING A QUALITY PRODUCT WARRENTING $100 PER TICKET...BECASUE OF DEMAND...would you really think they would charge $100 if they couldn't get it...the way I see it, the could charge $250 per ticket like the Eagles and get it...
 #55119  by High Peaks
China Cat wrote:well darkhorse hate to burst your bubble but i wouldnt be surprised to see phish tickets up there. hampton IS NOT cheap at the moment, thats for damn sure. the tickets came out at 50 bucks a pop and sold out so fast that people are paying upwards of a grand on stubhub for 3 night passes. i think that if the dead had lower costs, the might sell out fast as well and then people would be buying tickets for really crazy prices on stubhub and ebay just like the phish scenario. 100 bucks each they may take longer to sell out so in the long run youd spend less most likely. and i dont think a young bobby or phil would respond to their favorite band touring by saying "fuck them"
Nope. Phish tickets for tour are $49.50, with all original members.

 #55124  by jonarobb
Fuck Colonel Forbain and his famous mockingbird.
 #55135  by willmusic
Who's side are you on anyway??...That's right, I'm talking to YOU! Fuck this! And fuck that too! I heard tickets to the Bobby/Trey fight are like a million bucks! My money's on Bob. Sure Trey's younger but Bobby's got that ugly squat little yeller dog that used to be an alligator before he cut it's tail off and painted it yeller. Oh yeah, and just for good measure... FUCK THAT!!!
 #55139  by jonarobb
I'd like to see Mike Gordon's personal pictures of Trey and his hookers. I'd pay a $100 for that.
 #55151  by jonarobb
You think Bob Weir is going to sing a duet with Shakira at the inaugural gig?
 #55158  by China Cat
HP - if you actually read my post youd get to the point where they all sold out extremely fast after coming out at 50$/per (not cheap) and now its at the point where people are paying hundreds of dollars to see them one night. If the dead charge $100 right out off the bat, sure its steep, but if it discourages some then they wont sell out as fast and people like us will only end up paying $100 dollars.

fairly certain that my third sentence of my post said they were 50 bucks. its also pretty clear on the official phish link from the website you listed that all tickets are SOLD OUT and therefore NONE remain for $49.50.