#41206  by pappypgh
I'm gonna try to do this by memory with no guitar in my hands....so don't hold me to it...

INTRO Emaj7 Dmaj7

VERSES Emaj7 Dmaj7

BRIDGE (hey girl, what's on your mind..)
C#m A7 C#m A7
Bsus4 B Bsus4 B

JAM Bm Emaj7 - 2x

Emaj7 Dmaj7
 #41216  by sack the wack
Thanx guys. I had a feeling there would be Maj7 chords in there. Surprised nobody else has asked to see that one. Great version from 11-18-75 from My Father's Place on LI. I'm sure it's defunct now, moved outta there ages ago.

 #41217  by frankielee
Boy do you bring back memories...Saw lots of shows at "MY Father's Place" Great little club in Roslyn. I saw Jack Bruce there one nite and the place was barely half full. Got to talk to him after the show over a beer...Amazing that so few people were there for that.I saw Bobby there as well but barely remember it.Thanks for reminding me. I haven't thought about that place in years.Pretty 8)

 #41232  by pappypgh
Nice - just checked that site and I was 99% accurate. Although I don't remember playing Esus4 > B in that middle part.....I do think it's Bsus4 > B. Oh well!

 #41459  by sack the wack
I used to work at this weir[d] little factory around the corner from the club and could walk there after work on Fri. nites and meet my bros for a show. Funny, but I missed that Kingfish show but scored a tape later. Was glad when that summer ended and headed back to school and got out of that crazy place. Everyone would head for beers on payday at lunch and that was that. There was this one sailor guy who would go walking in hurricanes so he felt like he was aboard ship. 'Lost Sailor' or something