#36457  by tigerstrat
 Sat Feb 02, 2008 6:19 pm
political or anti-political douchebaggery aside, it'll be good to be able to see and hear what is basically The Other Ones mixing it up again. Maybe this get-together was all planned for fests & sheds later this summer and got pushed WAY up. What an insane scene it will be on Market St...

 #36460  by jenkins
 Sat Feb 02, 2008 6:59 pm
yea tigerstrat i bet that show will be awesome.
Are you going?

Hopefully they will have fun and go on the road as the dead again this summer.

I love P+F nd Ratdog but that last dead tour with herring and haynes on guitar was the shit.

 #36462  by gratephulphish123
 Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:02 pm
jenkins wrote:yea tigerstrat i bet that show will be awesome.
Are you going?

Hopefully they will have fun and go on the road as the dead again this summer.

I love P+F nd Ratdog but that last dead tour with herring and haynes on guitar was the shit.
i gotta agree, while they're not a jerry replacement herring and haynes give imo the most entertaining takes on dead songs. 4/20/01 with phil is absolute FIRE, that blues for allah dark star combo never ceases to amaze me

 #36464  by IamDocWatson
 Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:03 pm
^ uhh not realy..... ratdog will be better this summer...i hope the dead doesnt tour ratdog sounds better....

<----brent ... horrible

 #36467  by BuddhaG
 Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:15 pm
disclaimer: I apologize for prolonging the politics but I read this thread earlier and it really made me stressed out to see all the tension among the posters and I had to step away for a couple hours and do some stuff around the house and think.

Its funny how political dicussions almost always turn nasty. I think that if we do discuss political issues on this board we should remain civil and instead of retorting with one liners and attackiing or being defensive, we try to state a rational perspective on the situation.

Politics brings out the worst in a lot of people. Having so much power and being lobbied with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the biggest industries does not help the system in any way. I think a lot of people are hoping that Barack Obama can at least reverse the damage our current president has done to national security and the many problems within our own borders. I too am hopeful but am aware that change comes slow and changing the head of state does not change the ineffectualities of the two-party system.

The Grateful Dead were not going to let politicians tell them what to do. It was their mission to be able to freak freely and exist on their own terms within society. There are articles out there that analyze the Grateful Dead as a successful business model.

This actually was very inspirational to me because as the Pranksters motto goes "You have to get them into your movie before they get you in theirs." or something to that extent where you can make the reality what you want, you have freedom in what your home and family scene is like and what kind of people you associate with. Hopefully open-minded, happy people who like to have fun but know the value of hard work.

Things like community gardens, arts and music programs for kids, outdoor activities like walking through the forest and seeing animals and plants are things everyday people can do to enrich their lives. We need real help from politicians to ensure quality education in sciences and language and provide creative outlets. We need help with poverty and drugs. A war on drugs is a war on our own people. With 50% of the GDP going to the military which is engaged in a never-ending war that has claimed hundreds of thousands, when is the American public going to wake up?

On a more positive note, I am excited to see that it is just Bob and Jackie on guitars for the concert. I hope Bob steps up and shows JG the ropes and that the youngun proves himself. I recently signed up for iClips and am so exicted to watch this!

 #36480  by tigerstrat
 Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:28 pm
jenkins wrote:yea tigerstrat i bet that show will be awesome.
Are you going?
nope just plan on checking out the webcast

 #36487  by Oscillation
 Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:09 am
I'm definitely watching the webcast....do I need anything special to view it? and where's the iParkingLot so I can catch you all there! :)

 #36489  by pappypgh
 Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:54 am
Oscillation wrote:I'm definitely watching the webcast....do I need anything special to view it? and where's the iParkingLot so I can catch you all there! :)
Now THAT'S funny!!!

The "Brent....horrible" thing, I don't get, but I guess taste is subjective, so if you didn't like the best Hammond B-3 player to ever grace the stage with the Grateful Dead, that's cool.

My biggest beef w/ Ron Paul is that he's a dreamer with not much of any proven track record. He's got great ideas, like abolishing the electoral college. GREAT idea, but he'd never - ever - get it passed, unfortunately. They all lie. Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney....all will not come through with one promise or another...some more than others.

I like Obama best (of what's left), simply because he is fresh blood. He comes across (to me) like someone who truly does give a shit about the little man. And that's what we need. PLUS, he is THE ONLY ONE LEFT who DID NOT VOTE IN FAVOR of going to war in Iraq. That's the biggest thing for me.

I actually got into it w/ a co-worker the other day who said, "You have no idea whether or not going there was a good idea or not." I looked at him and told him that he & W are the ONLY 2 people left on the planet that could possibly think it was right to go in. Regardless of right or wrong, we were lied to by our President and he sent our troops in under false pretenses. SO, any Republican is on my shit list.

FINALLY - I will watch that webcast, as I'm psyched to see these guys play together again. I can guarantee you won't see "CASEY JONES"!!!! hahahahaha

 #36500  by strumminsix
 Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:57 am
CaptainTrips wrote:I dont know what separates Obama from anyone else. Id rather "waste" a vote for Ron Paul and actually take a stand.
There is no such thing as wasting a vote in a primary.

A vote is only wasted when voting 3rd party in a state which doesn't split their electoral votes.

Ron Paul is a Libertarian who knows only Reps and Dems get elected cuz of the electorate so he's running as a Rep.

So if you vote for him in the primaries how do you risk wasting??? Seems like a no brainer if he is your guy.

 #36559  by krzykat
 Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:47 pm
don't get me wrong here folks, if i could afford a plane tix i would be out in san fran in a heartbeat. I love that the boyz are playing together, and i guess thats all that mattres

 #36583  by heavynylon
 Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:01 am
Wow, looks like this thread will not die. So, I might as well weigh in...

Certainly, as Americans, the Dead have the right to public support whichever candidate they like. But I am a bit disappointed. Wishing to be known for their music and not politics, the Grateful Dead did a pretty good job of staying out of the political arena. And nothing really good can come of it for them; if they campaign for one candidate they will certainly turn off supporters of the other candidates. That's probably why they're being low key about it.

Personally, I prefer to keep music and politics separate. Music is essentially spiritual; politics is most decidedly not. Therefore, I will refrain from posting an actual political opinion here. There are plenty of websites for that. Let's get back to the music.

That all being said, I may have to check out the concert on iclips. It would be really nice to see them together.

 #36591  by st stephen
 Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:26 am
The bottom line is that phil, mickey and bobby are putting aside there differences to play together. To me thats a great thing and i wish i could be there.

The only thing i am little concerned about is that jackie green will be the lone lead gutarist. I do love the guy, but it seems like there is not going to be much improvisational madness.

 #36633  by pappypgh
 Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:18 pm
SoulShakedown wrote:
Sorry you're sold on the hype and put so much energy into that. Peace to you too, man.
Why are you SORRY? I don't "buy into hype". I genuinely care what happens in this country. I don't sit around smoking weed all day anymore. I'm not 19 anymore. I'm a father of 3 and I own my own home. I have a whole lotta bills and I hate the current administration with every fiber of my being. SO sorry that YOU don't have ANY energy, other than to bitch about the fact that 4 grown-ups who used to play in a band you listen to have decided to make up their own minds and play a show in support of someone they believe could run the country well.

Grow up.

I'm gonna enjoy the show online - for the music. I might be bummed if they were supporting McCain or Romney, but I'd still watch for the tunes. The fact that they are backing Obama is cool with me, but it's not the reason I'm watching. Enjoy the show everyone!! Those of you who get up every once in awhile should get out & vote!! Those who don't should stay firmly put on their sofas.

PS - IamDocWatson....RatDog - great band. Steve Kimock - great guitar player. Put the 2 together and you have utter garbage, IMO. Saw them twice that way - both times sucked out loud. I sure hope Mark Karan gets well soon! Herring & Haynes - great guitarists. Together....ugh...waaaaaaaaay too busy, IMO.

 #36695  by pappypgh
 Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:47 pm
Wouldn'tyaknow it?? I can't even get in to the damn online show....(holding my finger up as we speak).