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 #35208  by old man down
 Fri Jan 18, 2008 10:48 pm
I'm sure it happened all the time. I mean, it happens to all of us, doesn't it?

What'd he do, just strum with his index and thumb together while turning to a few extras on his amp, or something?

How about Bobby?

These guys wern't gods, after all.

 #35214  by jackr
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 5:12 am
I never really noticed it.

What I like is palming the pick. Warren Haynes is really good at it.

CHeck this one out. at 3:05 he switches to the pick for just a few seconds and then back. But he does it a few times afterwards.[/youtube]

 #35216  by Crazy 9.5 Fingers
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:53 am
Damn is Warren good.

 #35218  by warrenMFKNhaynes
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:09 am
well im sure alot of you noticed at shows, that they have some wierd pick thing that they hold them in there mic. i've noticed warren drop them and quickly grab another.

 #35223  by LazyLightnin
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:06 am
i keep a couple pokin' outta my pickgaurd for easy access.

 #35267  by BuddhaG
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:35 pm
good call, Lazy, i never thought of that yet i am always frustrated when i can't find my pick after i put it down. of course the best place to put your extra picks is right under your picking hand. damn, you are clever, thanks for the tip!

edit: just realized my LP has a raised pickguard so this won't really work, but i am gonna find a place on my guitar to stash my backups.

 #35271  by strumminsix
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:26 pm
Stash 'em in the back pocket of you pick hand

 #35280  by myoung6923
 Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:58 pm
No - But I HAVE seen him get frustrated with a mic and unplug it causing a loud POP and throw it to the ground. Boy did Parish scramble...:shock:

You could hear the crowd gasp and then get real quiet.

 #35285  by BuddhaG
 Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:14 am
hahah dude, mike, what year/ show was that, i'd like to hear it?

btw, i grew up from 6-18 years old in MA. Sharon to be specific, so i know south shore MA.

bon nuit,
montreal G

 #35294  by myoung6923
 Sun Jan 20, 2008 6:11 am
BuddhaG wrote:hahah dude, mike, what year/ show was that, i'd like to hear it?
Hmm... I don't remember which show it was - it was in the mid 80's on the east coast though. Not sure.

 #35315  by BuddhaG
 Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:40 am
jackr wrote:Here is a pick holder that can stick to your guitar ... 1165811.gc
This may seem wierd, but I actually own one of those but never knew you were supposed to stick it on your guitar... That makes so much sense! At least I hadn't removed the backing to the sticky part yet! Thanks for the common sense, dude!

 #35380  by Revv23
 Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:33 am
yeah most guitar shops will just give those to you if you just ask... also gardening foam can be used and put just about anywhere, for example tape it to the mic stand, strap it into your belt, etc.