#33436  by SailorSaint
Hunter's lyrics for Lazy River Road are some of his best:

Moonlight wails as hound dogs bay
but never quite catch the tune
Stars fall down in buckets like rain
till there ain't no standin' room
Bright blue boxcars train by train
clatter while dreams unfold
Way down
down along
Lazy River Road

Whether it is Jerry or Bobby singing the emotion of this song is overpowering at times. Certainly one of the most underrated GD songs, in my opinion.

 #33442  by ebick
I would agree. Never a big fan of Days Between, and although So Many Roads is very good, LRR is, IMO the last great Garcia/Hunter product.

 #33455  by Pigpen
Bobbay does a pretty great version.

 #33457  by Rev_Roach
Bobbay does a pretty great version.
loved it at this year's Allgood.

I guess I can agree that this is the last great Garcia/Hunter song, although I do like Days Between and So Many Roads is just the quintessential late Jerry song to me.

Either way, Hunter kicks ass!

 #33475  by drums>space
loved it at this year's Allgood.
Hell yea I remember that, I was front row right in front of bobby. I also saw him at his next two shows in cleveland and columbus. I met my girlfriend at the time in cleveland for the show and was telling herthey played lazy river road at all good and how much i loved bobby singing it. Sure enough he played it again in cleveland so i got to see him sing it twice within 3 days!

p.s. Remember that Dark Star, i had never seen bobby play it but i have to say that it was one of the highlights of that night for me

 #33490  by bucketorain
saw rat dog do so many roads and bobby forgot the words....no biggie but i do agree that so many roads and lazy river road are very emotional songs. when i sing these two songs it really gets me going. they are two of the very few songs that i can sing and still have sound half good.

there is something about hunter and garcia, something magical that we will never see in again. take Mission in the Rain as another Fine example of their existance....

a few other notables: comes a time, standing on the moon, built to last,

 #33577  by drums>space
a few other notables: comes a time, standing on the moon, built to last,
very true sir, these songs bring out a lot of emotions when i listen to them, standing on the moon in particular. The lyrics to built to last are incredible also. These two songs seem like jerry is singing directly to you and no one else.