#3079  by ded1hed
 Mon Jan 23, 2006 9:29 am
just found and downloaded pigpens demo tape from 1966
from gdlive(under miscallaneous shns.)

it also has his three last recordings presumably from march 9 1973

everything ive found says he was found dead on march 6 1973

i know it was assummed he was already dead a couple of days when he was found but this doesnt explain the march 9 date.

can anybody clear this up
also if anyone has any of pigs old recordings worked out they would make a great addition to this site.


 #3080  by strumminsix
 Mon Jan 23, 2006 10:18 am
Wrong dates on GD shows, never! :lol:

What Demo tapes are you talking about?

I've been around GDLIVE and find there dates to be goofy at times.

GD were already in the studio as Warlocks in 65.

Pig was found dead on 3/8.

Pig wasn't playing in 73, IIRC. The shows I have from the February run do not have him on there. However, towards the end Kieth was the main man on keys and Pig was only spotlighted for a tune or 2 but basically became a more and more rare stage member after Europe...

 #3087  by ded1hed
 Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:37 pm
its under misc. shns on gdlive
its listed as pigpens apartment 66

from what little i could find they were tracks for a solo lp or whatever that never made it.
or maybe just the last three recordings never made it.
the lp was to be titled bring me my shotgun
i typed in pigpen no time on google and got a little info.

there not dead tapes, you can even hear the rain falling in the background, thats def. the blues.

its got shes mine, katie mae, two women
its all acoustic and just pig, although that jorma guy is supposed to be on it. i couldnt pick him up unless he playin harp but it sounds like pig to me.
one killer tune is called no time on there. i think its called seems like a long time, a lightning hopkins tune.he plays piano on that. it said that those from 73 were the last recordings he ever made, i presume it to be after he quit touring with the dead. but dont know for sure

im more into the blues and love me some pigpen so im diggin this.
i know its simple blues, but id still appreciate any help if anyone has this stuff down. doesnt sound like open tuning to my ear anyway.

any ways check it out