#25756  by shakedown_04092
That's interesting - it's a full step down from the version I learned off of (10/1/94), which is also how it's tabbed out on this site. Now I've known the GD to switch keys of songs, but I didn't know they did it on SMR. Hmmmph. :-?

Agreed, though - it is a pretty flawless version.

 #40016  by jck_strw
I was listening to this song tonight and found this old post that referenced youtube video. Said youtube video is gone. I get the message:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

That sucks. I seem to remember watching this video when this thread first posted and it was some sort of bootleg. I wonder who complained (Rhino? GDP? CIA?) . No matter, it sucks.

 #40021  by Billbbill
I don't know if this was one of his but 'username999999999' is gone from yt - he had a ton of dead vids too...damn.

Hopefully he's not the first domino on yt, but if he is...

 #40034  by caspersvapors
yeah that vid was posted by username999

but hes not the first to post up massive amounts of live dead, there was a guy named wallyworld before who also got suspended

 #40037  by jck_strw
First they came for the Dead videos and I said nothing.

What's next? How long until they pull Billbbill's videos because the music he's playing is copyrighted (copywrote?)?

I'd like to get in touch with those users who've had their Dead vids pulled. I'd like to know who it was that requested they be taken down.
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