When it doesn't fit anywhere else
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Personally, I think everyone, including Deadheads, should have one.

This is my 2008 Bruton Universal Uppercut. Fine guitar by an uber-talented Rochester, NY small shop luthier. https://www.brutonguitars.com/Guitars/Universal

I bought it used on a whim thinking I'd use it for Phish. It's a fully hollowbody, small bout box that feeds back more readily than is practical for Trey-style riffing, though, so instead it's become my main practice/noodling axe.

The original PUPs were covered SD Seth Lovers. I like a bit more sparkle so I replaced them with uncovered, tapped Fralin Unbuckers.

The folk guitar-style strap is because the guitar's neck heavy. Balances wonderfully this way and I have zero issues playing the guitar while wearing it.

Whatcha got?!

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Your Gretsch reminds me of Brian Setzer's Gretsch (his vintage one, not his sig model).

A bit of trivia - I played for a short while with Brian when he was in 8th grade at McKenna JHS and I was in 10th in Massapequa High. Even then he was talented beyond belief (which is why, at an age where the social distance between 10th and 8th grades is a canyon, all the high schoolers still wanted Brian in their bands).

Below are a couple of old pics you might dig.

The first is of 3 of the best guitarists of my time in Massapequa, my very close friend, the late, great Ray Penney (Great Caesar's Ghost; Goodnight Guitar); Brian; and Stevie Chochran. The pic is taken in front of our high school.

The second is Brian's inscription in my high school yearbook (yes, he misspelled my first name!). I played mostly bass still in those days and Stevie had borrowed and blown my amp, hence Brian's admonishment. And yeah, the ugly mofo below the inscription is me at 17. :-)


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Not a traditional jazz box, but my main electric is a PRS Hollowbody II. Trying to save/sell another guitar to pick up a small hollowbody with p90s as well.
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I showed you guys this one when we were talking wolf inlay stickers.


It’s a ‘70s vintage “Atlas” made in Japan, likely at the Kawai Teisco factory, according to what I’ve been able to find out. Tuners were upgrade to Kluson Deluxes, and pups to an SD Pearly Gates in the bridge and ’59 Model in the neck before I bought it. I wanted something to contrast my strat, and this does it. I also just thought it looked cool, especially with the natural finish and faux abalone lightening bolt on the headstock. Here’s a couple better pics of one from a shop in Germany. It’s the only other place I’ve seen it.

And here’s me jamming with it a few years ago.
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R.jones wrote: Sat Feb 06, 2021 2:15 pm Not a traditional jazz box, but my main electric is a PRS Hollowbody II. Trying to save/sell another guitar to pick up a small hollowbody with p90s as well.
Nice and welcome to RUKIND!
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Jon S. wrote: Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:28 pm Has your '54 Gretsch been refinished (it's so clean)?

How does it play and sound?

Beautiful guitar!
Unsure. It's an amazing guitar. It one I play for prolly 2 hours daily between work meetings :) with COVID, it's turned into my new #1!
It has that wonderful acoustic americana acoustic tone that you can only get from a proper acoustic archtop.

I'm unsure if it's been refinished. i'm certain if it's been touched up... but to what degree, uncertain and love it too much to care :)
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I'm from the school of thought that, for keeper guitars, with a few exceptions akin to not painting a mustache on the original Mona Lisa, configure and update them them as YOU prefer. After all, YOU are the one who is and will be playing it!
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those are all small hollowbodies. why not try full sized archtops for jazz tone. Seventy seven makes some great ones right now. I dig the Hawks.