#168551  by Jon S.
Wow - I seriously enjoyed that. Thanks for recording and posting it!

Question about your PRS - did you record this clip on the bridge PUP alone or the bridge + middle? And why not just on the middle narrowfield PUP?
 #168555  by Jon S.
If you look very closely at the pickup selector, there is space between it and the top end suggesting the guitarist is actually using the 2nd position, not the bridge PUP alone.
 #168559  by CaptTrips72
Hey Jon, Thanks for tuning in. I used the 4th position - with the middle and back pickups. Probably just a preference thing - I like the lil quack you get with this config. With this PRS (custom 22 semi hollow) you can tap the hum bucker for single coil - a very versatile guitar. The only sound you can't get is the narrowfield PUP alone. The way it's wired when you use the middle position you get both humbuckers but not the middle pickup. You can tap both of the hum buckers but no middle PUP. My fave sound is the 4th position and use the hum bucker (vs single coil option). I hope that is helpful. Best CT
 #168564  by Jon S.
CaptTrips72 wrote: Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:36 am The only sound you can't get is the narrowfield PUP alone. ... Best CT
Thanks for your response!

If it were my guitar, I'd mod the electronics with either a superswitch, push-pull pot, or added minitoggle to be able to access the middle narrowfield alone. I've played PRSi with narrowfields. I could see living on your middle one for Jerry tones. :D

In fact, could you tell me your exact model? I'd like to ask on The Gear Page if anyone's there's already done this with their's (just curious).
 #168567  by Jon S.
The PRS PTC, last March, refretted my ‘86 Custom’s worn out original small frets with new jumbos. Their work was superb though expensive. They took 3 months. I felt the cost was worth it because of the instrument’s value, both absolutely and sentimentally (I’m the guitar’s original owner). The board is Brazilian rosewood, BTW. I'm not sure it sounds any different from Indian rosewood but it is indeed beautiful.

 #168710  by CaptTrips72
mkaufman wrote: Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:44 pm How did you make the recording?

Hey Ace, I’m a fractal guy. Used a FM3 with an Morgan AC20 model with a lil reverb - a tremolo in the intro - and I think a little reverb and delay. Used Camtasia to record the video. The FM3 was direct into my Mac. Fractal stuff is pretty cool