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Hi folks,
A friend of mine and myself want to make a custom set of shirts, and I’ve been trying to find a specific font I can plug into Photoshop CS 5.1, for the lettering. I keep coming up empty handed though, and thought I’d ask if any of you have seen it somewhere.

It’s the font used on The Grateful Dead Movie artwork, as seen in this image (though I’m fairly sure you all know which one I mean)

My wife has a Cricut printer, and can print off the iron on, once I put the graphic together.

As always, any help will be very appreciated!
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I’m a graphic designer and can almost guarantee that Jon is right, especially considering the vintage, that that’s hand drawn and not available as a digital font. I Googled “Grateful Dead Movie font” and didn’t come up with anything.

You might find something close searching at Jon’s link (the font he linked to looks like the American Beauty album lettering.) Or try these free font sites:

Good luck.
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Thanks guys, I was afraid it was hand drawn.

I can probably freehand it myself for what we are trying to do, in Photoshop. My wife’s Cricut just seems to take actual fonts easier.

I’ll check around the links posted, I do like that “American Beauty”ish one. But I know he is set on the other one for this project at least.

I didn’t even think, until just now. I could always import the video cover graphic into PS, and pull out only the letters needed.

Thanks for the help, as always,
Hope your all having a great weekend!
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Hey, I tried and tried a few months ago to try and find that font, basically for using on my cricut as well, but could'nt find it. If you come up with a solution, please share.

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PLS30820 wrote: Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:15 am Hey, I tried and tried a few months ago to try and find that font, basically for using on my cricut as well, but could'nt find it. If you come up with a solution, please share.

I will, but it’s looking like I’m going to have to free hand it in Photoshop. Or at the very least, import the graphic into PS, and cutaway everything that I don’t need. Which is everything, but 4 letters, lol!
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Right! I think photoshop is pretty much the answer. The Cricut likes vector line art and not many of the scanned images or text i've pulled and used photoshop on have come out with clean edges, but it can be done.....slowly.....
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Yea, my wife said it had to be a vector, which I’m pretty sure PS can’t do. I need to double check to make sure. She said if not a png would work, so I’ll probably go that route.
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Well I did end up putting The Grateful Dead movie’s cover shot in Photoshop, and pulling out the DEAD part. Did a little work smoothing out the edges, and gave it to my wife to run out a heat transfer. I decided on a black T-shirt with gray letters, going to get a long sleeve blank and do it in eggshell.

My friend went with a Navy Blue T-shirt, and a pale yellow heat transfer (had to order his color)

This is how it’s going to look size, and placement wise. Minus the square strip the letters are sitting on. We both like how they are going to some out.
Now the wheels are turning for more custom shirts for my wife to make me

 #168693  by LazyLightning72
My wife finally did my short sleeve version, with the gray. I have the heat transfer color for my long sleeve, but waiting for that shirt still.

Here is is

We have already come up with a ton of ideas for other ones too. I figure at this rate we will have a couple dozen homemade/custom Dead shirts by spring, if not sooner.
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