#168269  by lbpesq
I’m not seeing any image, so I don’t know which one you are using. In my (admittedly limited) looper experience, it depends on how you are using the looper. For practice, testing equipment, and just messing around by yourself, the one button loopers seem to do just fine. But if you want to use it live and with other players, the two-button loopers are much easier to sync in time with the rest of the band.

Bill, tgo
 #168270  by LazyLightning72
Jon S. wrote: Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:48 pm I don't like single button loopers. Try a 2 button looper and if you're like most guitarists you'll never look back. I use this model:

For some reason I can’t see the image, but I looked up the Ditto X2, which seems nice.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by a single button vs a two button? Outside of it having a extra button of course, lol!
 #168280  by LazyLightning72
Jon S. wrote: Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:45 am I can see my image on my computer but not on my phone. It’s the Ditto X2.
I considered getting a Ditto, but got the Boss instead. I’m sure it’s a noob pedal question, but what is the difference between a one and two button loop station?
 #168281  by Jon S.
Th text below is from the Ditto X2 manual. To be limited to a single button for all of these commands, in my view, is an easily-avoidable PITA. But, as always, YMMV.

4. LOOP footswitch and LED
Use this footswitch to control all loop-related functions of the pedal (record, playback, undo/redo, clear). See Creating loops” on page 11.

5. FX footswitch and LED
Use this footswitch to either control one of Ditto X2 Looper’s built-in effects (see “Using effects” on page 18) or to stop loop playback. The assignment of this footswitch is determined by the setting of the FX selector switch.

https://toneprints.com/media/3400664/tc ... nglish.pdf
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 #168282  by LazyLightning72
Thanks Jon!

On a side note, I didn’t realize how bad my timing had gotten. It wasn’t always, I used to keep pretty good time. Perhaps it’s from the nearly 5 year gap in playing after my neck broke, just not doing it for so long.

I do believe the looper is going to help get my timing back, and hopefully even improve on it from where it was at my best. I am using a metronome to make the chord changes so they are in time when recording atm.
 #168285  by wabisabied
Yes the loop station will do wonders for your timing! Good idea with the metronome. My Boss RC-20XL has built in “drum” click tracking sounds, but I guess the RC-1 doesn’t have that feature.
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 #168287  by LazyLightning72
Something else I am doing, after creating a rhythm loop. I then turn my treble down to like 1 and bass up to around 9/10, and do a simple little “base” progression to go along with the rhythm.

My practice session have never sounded so full, lol!

Even my wife got up to have a sip of water last night and was like, it almost sounds like there is a band playing in here.

These loop stations are a great tool, if you are reading this and on the fence about getting one, don’t. Just get one, I doubt seriously you’ll regret it.
 #168370  by LazyLightning72
Ok, I’m in the mood for another pedal.

To recap, I currently have:
MXR Distortion +
MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay
Boss RC-1 Loop Station
Korg Advanced Tuner

What would be another good one to compliment the ones I have?

Maybe a Octave or Phase?

I’m still on the fence on the MXR Distortion +, yes it sounds so much better on the new tube amp, but it’s not like the one Jerry used. I hear over and over it’s inferior to the older ones. So I’d be open to maybe getting a better Dist/OD pedal. Or maybe another pedal to compliment the MXR Dist. +

Would like to stay in the under $150 range if possible. I’d consider a little more if the pedal suggested is really good though.

As always thanks for any input
 #168371  by TI4-1009
Octave is a lot more fun than a phaser.
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 #168372  by tdcrjeff
Whew, only a couple of posts over a 2 week period. Was beginning to think something had happened to you. :lol:

Yeah, octave is more fun than phaser but you probably wouldn't use it a whole lot. Not that you'd necessarily use the phaser that much either. Guess I'd recommend the MXR Phase 95 (mini) (though I only have a plain ol' 90) or an OD. The Sarno Earth Drive is the popular one around here, though a bit above your budget.
(on sale right now)
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 #168374  by PurpleTrails
If you're going the OD/distortion route you might take a listen to the fulltone OCD. Not a pedal Jerry used, but a real nice transparent OD that can get pretty gnarly if you turn it up. I have one stacked before a new-ish Dist+ on my board.

Or you can pick up a Boss OD. Jerry used the OD-2 in the '80s & '90s, which has been out of production for years, but the OD-3 sounds pretty good as well. You can generally pick up used Boss pedals for $50 or so, and they are built like tanks so it's not a bad thing to get used.

I wouldn't bother with a phaser or octave, as they weren't used all that much.
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 #168377  by Jon S.
May I add, not intending to snarky with the above, merely realistically practical.

If your gear isn't all the same as Jerry's and your setups, touch, and technique identical, too, the reality is you won't sound precisely like him anyway. And let's face it, no one had, has, or ever will have the exact same gear, setups, touch, and technique as he.

This is why, though it's sparked debate here in years past, I've always felt, and still do, two things. One, if your chops are good, if it sounds good and feels good, it is good. Two, in the end, be yourself - an original is always worth more than a copy and, after all, isn't this the example Jer himself gave us in how he lived his own life?


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