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Hey folks,
I was over on JDarks site last night, looking up a song I want to work on, and a couple things occurred to me.

1. ( Not that it’s really any of my business )Does anyone know what really happened to JDarks? I learned a ton from his videos and the enormous wealth of info he left behind. Always looked forward to his new videos, up until the one where he signed off.

2. Where do you folks go for your learning tutorials?

I stumbled across stichMethod a while back, but haven’t watched a lot of his stuff yet. Also came across another YouTube channel “Weeping Willow Guitar Lessons“ watched a couple of his earlier vids and he seems thorough.
Of course I’ve also looked stuff up right here on rukind.

Are there some other go to channels, sites, etc... you all have found helpful in learning Dead songs? Would love to hear of any I don’t know about yet, and be nice to have it in one thread for anyone else curious.
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Not necessarily dead lessons, but Jeff Williams on youtube makes awesome backing dead backing tracks. He lays out all the chords and riffs in measure and tableture. He also has some mini lessons but he never goes over entire songs or solos from any real shows. His tracks and videos have been really helpful in discovering my own sound. They are also really high quality. I use em everyday.

I second Craig on weeping willow guitar lessons. He does really great lessons and makes great tab.

Stitchmethod is great too. I love Ian. His videos are the first I ever watched when tryin to learn anything dead related.
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Michael Palmisano (YouTube) is pretty fun to watch as well. He came to the Dead later in his musical career. Watching him discover the music and then teach what's going on from his perspective is fun and helpful. It's one thing to copy and another to recreate. He is not a precise transcription but certainly is right on relative to what's happening.

Carlos Zakers (YouTube) is another great player in Flordia who goes to great detail breaking down and transcribing the music by hand.

Gabriel Bergman is a younger guy on YouTube who does a nice job.

For studying Bobby - Brendan Connelly can't be beat. His understanding of what Bob is doing and the beauty that too often gets missed is outstanding.

MichBeth Music on Youtube.
Props to JDarks for starting it all. Stitch and Craig at Weeping Willow are awesome and deserve props.

Fortunate to have so many resources. Most free and offer online lessons for not much money if you get stumped and need to move beyond replicating what someone else is doing.
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My favorite, bar none. I've bought a ton of them. Each lesson comes with a high quality video, backing track, printable tabs. Seth explains not only how, but also the why.

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I’ll have to look into gratefulguitarlessons.com first I’ve heard of it.

I keep meaning to download all of JDarks stuff, I’m always afraid I’m going to go look for something one day, and it will be gone. I hope he’s still jamming, was always such a nice guy.