#168085  by LazyLightning72
For many years, when I first started playing up through 2013, I have almost always played picks on the thinner side. Somewhere in the .70-1mm range.

I knew that Jerry played with thicker picks, more specifically the Dunlop Adamas Graphite 2mm. I had tried on several occasions trying a thicker pick 1.5, and just couldn’t get used to it. I was too young and impatient, I knew I could get used to them in time with practice, but decided not too.

Well of course I finally got off my high horse and made a choice to give them an honest try. So again, back in 2013, when I decided to start playing again, I bought 2 dozens of them (Dunlop Adamas Graphite 2mm)

Looking back I could have kicked myself for not giving them a fair go, cause they really did make a difference in tone.

I don’t use them all the time, but they are part of my “core” pick arsenal now.

In fact when I ordered the pedals I snagged a couple Gravity picks, since I’ve wanted to try them for a while. I got a single 2mm as well as a 3pk of the .77s. I also wanted to try out some of the Dunlop Gator picks, a 12pk of .71s and a 12pk of their 2.0s.

I have battery acid for hand oil and like some I have trouble sometimes when prolonged strumming is called for, the picks can sometimes start turning. The Gartor picks grip much better then some others I currently have and have tried in the past. In fact the Gator 2.0 though not graphite, give out a great tone, especially when played near the bridge pickup.

It got me thinking, what picks do you guys grab for most often?
 #168087  by TI4-1009
For Jerry- Adamas. For other stuff, lots of different thinner picks.
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 #168088  by wabisabied
On acoustic I’ve been using the Adamas, lately. On electric I prefer a Tortex blue, as the Adamas graphite can cause some static issues that are annoying to me.

Thin picks are fine for strumming, but you’re better off adjusting to a thicker, less flexible pick if you want to project your picking sound and really control what you’re doing, whether picking or strumming. It won’t take you long and you’ll be happy to discover all the little things you can do to affect tone just by adjusting pick angle and rotation. For instance, instead of relying on the flexibility of a thin pick to round/soften your tone, rotate the thicker pick so that it’s more perpendicular to the strings than parallel.

You may also find that you don’t need to hit the strings as hard with a thicker pick, so you don’t have to squeeze so hard to hang onto it, and your hand might not sweat so much.
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 #168089  by Jon S.
These days, for electrics, I use 2.0 mm graphite pics almost exclusively. Adamas is good.* So is Telefunken.** For acoustics, I typically use V-Picks (1.5 mm Tradition Lights).***

* https://reverb.com/item/4911130-dunlop- ... rry-garcia

** https://reverb.com/item/29961043-telefu ... cks-2-0-mm

*** https://www.amazon.com/V-Pick-Tradition ... 88&sr=8-10 (these are the clear ones but I buy the blue ones because the clear ones can be hard to find when dropped)
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 #168095  by lbpesq
I’ve used Dunlop tortex .88 mm, the green ones with the turtle, for at least twenty if not thirty years. Recently, a friend gave me a Telefunken, the big triangle one, a 1.6 mm with graphite. It is significantly stiffer than the .88 Dunlop. I used it today in a jam for the first time. It felt strange at first, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked the tone I was getting. We played a song by The Band and I was able to get a Tele-like chicken cluck Robbie Robertson tone that I never got with the .88! I think I’ll be doing some more experimentation with the Telefunken.

Bill, tgo
 #168096  by PurpleTrails
For almost everything the 2.0 mm adamas graphite. For some reason those don't sound good on my D-18, so I use a 3.0 mm big stubbie with it, which is what I used to use on everything before the adamas. Before that I used a big white 1.8 I think triangular pick that was made out of something similar to tortex. I forget who made them, though.
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 #168100  by LazyLightning72
I have a few of those 3.0 mm big stubbie, I used to use them more often, but I only reach for them on rare occasions now.
 #168125  by TI4-1009
Well, I grew up with "Fender- light, medium, heavy" so I've kinda stuck with that except for the special Jerry thing.
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 #168226  by wleeds
For me -
Electric - Adamas 2mm graphite - i used to use Dunlop 2.0 delrin
Acoustic - BlueChip TD80-unbevelled or tortoise shell
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 #168286  by Fragile Thunder
Dunlop Tortex .88, regular on acoustic and triangle for electric has been my standard for a long time. And then I recently started playing electric with thumb picks instead and it has been a revelation.
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