Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #167003  by Seabass
Has anyone played e-120’s with dust caps that aren’t aluminum. Do they still sound like e-120’s?. Looks like a great deal for someone (myself) who would want to put them in a covered cab so as not to see the ugly black caps on them.
 #167004  by tdcrjeff
At least they are listed as E's now. Seems like a great deal even if they need re-coning, $115 for a pair of E-120s. They did have one pair that were actually K's, I bought those.
 #167045  by Gr8fulCadi
It’s thee ol’ saying,,,,If it’s too good to be true........

That’s a bummer. Hope all gets/got resolved.

I think I paid $300.00 total for a pair of e120’s not long ago. They are in great condition. $115/pair is an insta red flag.
 #167046  by Seabass
I ordered a pair of the e’s and they came. one of the cones on one was definitely a little damaged, but the other one sounded like my reconed E. The way I see it, I paid $115 for an e120 which is a pretty fair price.
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