#11236  by bodiddley
There is a song called "Skating" on the old Jazzy Vince Gauraldi Charlie Brown Christmas album that I think has a lot of similarities to "The Eleven" by the GD. Anyone else ever notice this? Waddya think? I'm not much for Christmas tunes but this one is a classic that I never get sick of. Rumour has it that Gauraldi sat in with the boys in the early seventies but I have yet to find out which show so if anyone knows, please share.

 #11241  by Billbbill
One of my favorite Christmas albums. Never thought of the connection before but in listening to it now with that in mind I can see the similar vibe if not outright progression connection.

Would love to know more about Guaraldi jammin with the boys, if that did indeed happen.

 #11242  by Rev_Roach
WOW! Just gave it a listen, it is very similar. I would say both the chord progression and the vibe. (though the jazz pianist is of course a little more mellow than fiery The Eleven from Live/Dead I just listened to compare).

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a great album I have been overlooking so far this season, thanks for the reminder! Makes me want to check out more of Vince Gauraldi. (Speaking of jazz piano, anyone catch Matt Savage Trio on Conan the other day? 14 year old kid kicks ass)

For those who don't have the Charlie Brown Christmas the soundbite at amazon is easily enough to tell the similarity:

http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Brown-Chr ... F8&s=music

 #11243  by bodiddley
Thanks for the responses. If you listen to the whole thing there is kind of a free form part near the end where I can just envision the Dead doing an improv jam over it and right near the end there is a little section that to my ears sounds almost exactly like the Eleven(albeit, a little mellower). Pretty weird. I wonder if this was instilled in their subconsciousness when they wrote it. Now I'm interested in dates on when the Charlie Brown tune was done and "The Eleven" was written. This is cool, if I had the technology and cognitive capacity I would take the two songs and meld them together.

 #11244  by wisedyes
The Christmas special was first aired in 1965, so the Guaraldi tune must predate The Eleven. Never heard about any sitting in one way or the other, though.

 #11245  by ebick
wisedyes wrote:The Christmas special was first aired in 1965, so the Guaraldi tune must predate The Eleven.
hmmmmm. Maybe The Eleven has similarities to Skating. :-)

 #11251  by HOWEYMAN
For years I have been looking forward to seeing a "A Charlie Brown Christmas" each time it airs. Just recently, though, I realized it was the soundtrack that had drawn me in, so last week I picked up the Soundtrack. Great, great stuff.

 #11252  by strumminsix
Well to chime in... I seem to remember in Hunter's collective book, Box of Rain, that there is a correllation to "The 11" and the "12 Days of Christmas" carol.

Maybe the source is different but I did read it somewhere...

 #18173  by BuddhaG ... cd=1&gl=us

the famous annotated lyric website!! the correlation that is made is that they are both counting songs. but i find it even more interesting that the melody is lifted from yet another christmas song while the lyrics are inspired by a wholly different one. i could see the group mind of the Dead thinking that this would be pretty cool :cool:

if i may stretch it even further, christmas is a time of gift giving. hunter's lyrics are in obvious reference to psychedelics and the visions and insights that one who partakes in said rites does experiences, which he poignantly calls "polished thought jewels". you could take it that the psychedelic experience is considered a gift (as it is in many cultures where hallucinogenic drugs are revered and are thought to bring you closer to God, which is once again in theme ofChristmas).

anyways, i think it is fairly obvious that hunter and the boys thought that LSD was all that and a bag of really great chips, a great present, if you will, so why not honor the experience in the same light as a Christmas song honors the spirit of the religious holiday.

that make any sense to you guys? or should i go eat that breakfast i've been putting off
 #54256  by Pete B.
I think the main diff is that one is 11/4 and one is 12/8.
11/4 = 3 bars of 3/4 and one bar of 2/4.
12/8 = 4 bars of 3/4.

I have jammed along with that Charlie Brown Christmas album, and there is some radical shite to be had on there!
 #139980  by tatittle
Such an amazing song. I wonder if Phil came up with the meter intellectually or if the feel came naturally to him. Songs like this, even The Other One, etc. were difficult for me to master the timing on at 1st, but once one begins to get it boy are they fun to jam. The timing is something I had to consciously work on for sure though, which was strange for me a the time since I had never even had to think about rythm/timing before I ran into this stuff. Amazing Progressive rock of the day, yet not too self-indulgent IMO.
It is songs like The Eleven where Jerry really amazes me; for a guy that doesn't look like he can dance a step..no rythm..he is a master of melodic rythm, human metronome, just when you think he cant go further or he will lose it he takes it to another level!