#134391  by mgbills
 Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:49 am

Killer Vid

Anybody subscribe to Voodoonola? I'd love to know who this person is. Killer stuff being dug up.

A very crispy TB1000 in the opening Sampson. Not sure what Bob guitar. I saw a shot of Phil's bass with a bite out of the lower bout.
I haven't watched it all yet, but I'm seeing Mesa Combo's. Stacked. Just saw Mc2100 during opening Eyes solo. Pre-amped Mesa into the MC?

Personally I think I dig the TB500. Probably because I'm so used to that middle-pu tonality. Ending solo I would bet he rolled off the tone a bit from the opening Sampson solo.

BTW I've been sampling the video and editing this post.

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 #134620  by tatittle
 Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:23 pm
Thanks for posting and heads up on info, I had noticed a couple of these lengthy gems with that insignia on Utoob. Yes, I believed JG preamped a Mark 1 into his Mc's in 1976. Gonna watch some now :)

I just watched some of the Chula Vista 1985 sparked by my dark curiosity~
..Wow. I didnt expect much considering this was suppossed to be the beginning of some tough months for twinkles, but he's floored me again. I am never too crazy about the OD1 distortion tone (w/ JBL's)...but when Garcia gets going that goes out the window. He's like a human metronome sometimes..but bobbing and weaving all the while. So far: Alabama>Promised; West LA; Smokestack; Deal. Terrific stuff. I almost feel like screaming at the folks not paying attn. "dont you realize these are priceless moments to cherish"