#133525  by James-T
 Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:02 pm
With all its warts.

This was from a benefit gig in May I put together with the help of some friends to help some Friends with Cancer. We raised $12,000. Silent auction and 250+ ticket sales. Filmed at Dusty's Bar and Grill, one of the larger clubs at Whistler BC.

Joining us for the first time ever (second tune into the set with us) is recording artist Jordon Whyte from Vancouver's She Stole My Beer. He's now a regular fixture with us!


I'm just playing a stock 83 strat into a stock 73 twin into my 2x12 cab with D120f's (60's vintage). Sean's playing a Guild into a vintage (70's) Hywatt 50.

Hope the link works. Pasting in the video is beyond my RUKind skills.



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 #133533  by tcsned
 Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:50 pm
Nicely done! Your Strat/Twin tone kicks as does you other guitarist's Hiwatt sound. I've always wanted one of them for that classic Pete Townsend tone.
 #133534  by James-T
 Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:57 pm
Thanks for doing that! For once my link works on a mac!

and thanks for those very kind words!!


James :smile:
 #133991  by barefootdave
 Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:14 am
Great tone from both you guys, the guitars both sound outstanding and completely separate and clear in the mix.

Digging that Guild...
 #133992  by Jon S.
 Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:18 am
Diggin' it!