When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #132583  by TI4-1009
 Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:18 am
 #132591  by FretfulDave
 Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:18 pm
While I thoroughly enjoyed the ideas already presented thus far, I guess there are some parameters that need to be noted.

What are you looking to do with this music room?
  • Have fabulous stereo for listening enjoyment?
    A room for full band jamming with drum kits and all?
    Recording studio?
    A place for relaxing acoustic jams and practice?
And the other use of the room?
  • How often are guests expected?
    Do you need a full or queen bed in the room?
    Is it to be set up all the time (Futon, Murphy bed or regular)?
    Do you want to move things around when someone does crash there?
The topic is of interest to me as my girls are grown and gone and we are going to retro fit the two bedrooms (similar size to yours), one for a visitors bedroom and likely a music room for practicing, no jamming but with a Murphy bed or a futon for overflow (both kids and significant others for holiday visits and such).

And I love egg cartons and their purported great sound abatement properties but I have yet to come across an actual implementation. Seems most folks don't want that particular decor. :shock:

 #132598  by FretfulDave
 Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:37 pm
This past Sunday my band buds came up to visit me. I have been laid up for a couple months after an operation. I have recently been able to start playing guitar while sitting however I can't play my acoustic but can play a thin hollowbody electric while sitting. The guys came over and we hung out on the deck and played. The instrumentation turned out to be an acoustic guitar, electric bass, djembe and me playing a hollowbody electric. I needed to amplify the hollowbody to match the acoustic guitar and used my Tech 21 Trademark 10 solid state amp. It worked out pretty good volume level wise and it seemed that the overall sound mix was good according to my wife who was listening. I believe that something along those lines for jamming in a small space works. I also have a 3/5 watt, low end tube amp with a single 12AX7 and a single EL84. I can hit good mix volumes with my solid body electric against an acoustic with that. I will probably move that small gear into the music bedroom.

Small gear, easy to move around or stow. Perfect for the casual sit down with friends in any format, electric or acoustic or mixed. Of course there are better amps in those power ranges but I have what I need to make it functional.

Best of luck with your choices and it sounds like a really fun project.

 #132600  by gmchart
 Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:38 pm
If you're getting into the walls, think about lighting (sconces and wall fixtures) and maybe some switched outlets. Hit the switch on your way out and you know the whole rig is off. Lighting for me can make or break how comfortable a room feels, I can't stand overhead lights and lamps take up floor space. Put dimmers on everything. Build some shelves (plywood or particle board and 2x2's) to get the amps up off the floor. Hang guitars on wall hooks. Floor space is at a premium in a 10x12 room. The vaulted ceiling is gonna be a big help as far as sound goes but I'd get it set up and working before doing a bunch of dampening--you might not need it. Going back to the top, if you are opening the walls, insulate everything you can-your wife will thank you.
 #132604  by FretfulDave
 Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:56 pm
gmchart wrote:...Put dimmers on everything...
Not recommended. Too many hum issues. Use indirect low level lighting of some sort not involving dimmers. My band just had a huge issue with dimmers in the bass player's new studio. We can't use them to dim, can't even have them on period. Looking to take them out and figure something else.

 #132621  by jester536
 Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:58 am
Speakers in the ceiling would be very nice. My take on this is it is all about the wiring. In a small space you want to reduce the cord clutter in any way possible. If you're going to mic vocals...XLR jacks in the floor or as close to the mics as possible would be very nice to have. I'm thinking through a band practice room in my basement and all my thoughts tend to revolve around getting the wiring thought out wisely before the project begins. Good luck!
 #132623  by AlabamaDidn'tGetAway
 Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:09 am
Many years ago a friend had an old milking parlor on his farm converted to a studio/practice space.
Concrete block structure, 20 x 30 or so.
It was lined with egg crates.
Worked pretty good.
Id love to have such a space of my own now.
 #132627  by FretfulDave
 Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:14 pm
It sounds like you are going bigger than I was thinking about if you are doing PA and such. Given that, the thought of ceiling speakers is interesting. How about stereo quality speakers mounted on the walls at a height that would be similar to PA speakers and maybe serve a dual purpose if a stereo could be piped through the PA. Could play along with recordings, maybe mix in or just hang and listen.

If you are going to be using more powerful gear then sound isolation would be something to consider on the walls and ceiling (if applicable). Our bassist's studio is in a basement and they did the ceiling with sound insulating wallboard and also one of the walls that faces into the basement of the next townhouse. The other walls in his case are outside facing.

Additionally, depending on how many amps you would likely have plugged in, you might want to consider putting in two separate circuits to the outlets, not only for load purposes but in the case of a power supply or pedal going south and injecting noise into the electrical system. That happened more than once to my band and separate circuits can help with troubleshooting, not to mention providing some electrical isolation between amps. A lot depends on your breaker panel but its worth a thought.

Planning this stuff can be fun!