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 #128707  by pedalpoet
 Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:40 pm
Hey everyone, just joined up and thought I'd say hi. I actually discovered and bookmarked rukind for tabs YEARS ago. I seriously only discovered there's a forum here as well like...DAYS ago. Ha.

I play a Martin and a Strat, been playing for quite some time, maybe 20 years or so. Started off playing mostly bluegrass, then dabbled with trying to learn jazz a bit too. Even though I've been a head since the late 80s I never was driven to play the music much until recently. Don't know why that is. Maybe I thought it too sacred or something. Me and another head have started a Dead tribute band though about a month ago. Can I call it a band with only us two? We're looking for the rest of the band now. In Seattle BTW. Bass? Keys? Drums? Hit me up!

My musical influences are primarily Jerry, Miles, John Scofield. Plus a little of other stuff here and there too of course.

Also, I'm one of them sober deadheads. Clean and sober since May 2006. Others of my tribe out there please say hi! And they thought cleaning me up would get rid of this lust for the Grateful Dead. Ha, no way I say. (in case you're wondering, no my other bandmate is still friendly with 420) Its all good man.

Peace out people!
 #128766  by WharfRat42
 Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:34 pm
Welcome aboard! ...A band with two people... not unheard of, it happens occasionally. Personally as a Dead tribute band, I would call it more of a foundation, really. A good Dead-like band needs a lot of people, who all function musically well together. Wish I could join ya - I'm on the East Coast. It's only a little commute to you guys.
Jerry started off with bluegrass too - on a banjo though. He actually played acoustic with Jorma Kaukonen when he was young. Always found that interesting, and while plenty of us know about him on banjo, not everyone knows that about Jorma. You just got smarter because of the forum! It happens a lot - trust me. It's a cool place, even for lurking.
By the way, clean and sober all my life! (and in highschool... does that count?) That's the thing about the Dead - you don't need the high, the music is the trip :smile:

By the way, the strat you mentioned... is it an alligator type thing? And regardless of what it is... we want pics! What kind of amp are you using? Any effects?
 #128772  by pedalpoet
 Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:00 pm
Hi WharfRat. I'm well aware of Jerry's bluegrass beginnings, that's what turned me on to bluegrass back so many years ago. As an aside I got to participate in a jam circle with Peter Rowan at Wintergrass down in Tacoma a few years back. That was one of my musical highlights!
 #128775  by tcsned
 Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:38 pm
Welcome aboard! This is a great group of folks here. A band is how you define it, 2 people, 5 people, or 10 people. It's all good!
 #128904  by pedalpoet
 Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:51 am
So the remark about can I call it a band, that was just sort of a joke...apparently not funny enough. Ha!

My strat isn't a modded one or anything, just my '06 Mexi 60th Anniversary model. It has TexMex pickups which are a touch on the hot side. I play through my modded Blues Jr, it has the tone stack mod and a presence control added. I can get a real nice bell like ringing out of it, and through the neck pickup a great glassy-creamy tone. I really dig my set up. My favorite era of Dead as far as Jerry's tone is when he was playing the Alligator strat, like on Europe '72. That's the tone in my head that I shoot for in my set up. Of course there's always room for change and improvement and just plain trying out new sounds. As Tcsned said, it's all good!

Hey WharfRat, of course it counts if you're in Highschool. I was far from sober back then however.

Man just in the short while I've been I've been cruising through these forums I've picked up all kinds of info. This is really cool. As one of the other forum newcomers has alluded, I hoping I can finally put all these years of deadhead arcane knowledge to use for you guys from time to time.

 #128959  by WharfRat42
 Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:48 pm
I think I agree with you about my favorite era of Jerry's tone as well... though for me, I also love the '74 shows. And it is, as you said, fun to experiment.
Nice... about the strat. I have an Affinity I've been able to get the sweetest Gilmour-ish tones out of. Just goes to show that... well, either A) it's not the guitar that matters so much as the hands playing it, or B) Fender companies have the capability of making superb cheap guitars, and I'm actually just a decent player. Or, maybe, there is an astral link between us... I have the same birthday as David... and I'm starting to ramble.
Bluegrass... I love it, good choice. I forgot to say that before. I almost started out with banjo, and I've always been a fan of bluegrass... but I chose to pick up guitar instead.
By the way, that sounds like an awesome time. Jam circle with Peter Rowan... always a little disappointing being this age since your heroes aren't exactly open for many jam sessions any more. When you join these forums, there are always reminders about people that have experienced it. How was it? Wintergrass, I mean.

-It's all good(I like that quote)! Have a good time on the forums, enjoy yourself. And good luck with the band! Peace
 #128963  by James-T
 Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:32 am
A band with only two guys. Look up the Hair Farmers, a Whistler based two man band. Very successful. They do tones of dead. Gig 300 shows a year, travel the world doing it and make a good living.

Welcome to the board. I was in the same boat a year ago and saw tabs from time to time but had no idea there was an active forum with some many great heads and smart ones at that!

Cheers from north of the border.


 #128970  by jackr
 Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:48 am
Welcome pedal post. I am one of those sober deadheads too. If you ever get to this corner of the country let me know. (west palm beach)
 #128998  by pedalpoet
 Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:27 am
Right on jackr, thanks. 7 years myself. Likewise if you find yourself in my corner of the country :-)