#125326  by one eyed jack
 Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:29 pm
So I know most of you guys are do it you'reselfers when it comes to your Mods. I on the other hand do not have the technical knowledge/skill to perform the things I want done to my back up guitar. I have read through all of the forums related to what I want done but would not feel comfortable doing it on my own. I was wondering If you all could reccomend someone in the VA area that could do what I want done. They are pretty standard Jerry Mods from all I have read on the forums, still out of my skill zone however. Also, Everyone tech/reapair guy in my hometown that I have gone to has looked at me like I have two heads when I start talking about the OBEL, Buffer, etc. One guy literally said.."what in the hell would you wanna do that for? I've never even heard of that... if I could do it, its gonna cost you"
So sitting here beside me I have two Super 2's and a SDS1, custom pickguard from warmoth. I want to put these in my back up guitar ,a Mexican strat, along with coil taps, buffer and OBEL. Anybody in my area that can do this for me without charging an arm and a leg?
 #125329  by tcsned
 Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:37 pm
If Troy can't do it, I've got a message out to my buddy John who did my guitar to see if he was interested.
 #125330  by Jon S.
 Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:41 pm
If Baltimore is not too far from you, Phil Jacoby http://www.philtone.com built both of these for me, the on the left from planks of wood, the one on the right using a Warmoth body and neck, and all of the electronics on both, including UGBs and OBELs. Waldo personally helped us navigate some of the rockier wiring shoals for which we remain extremely grateful. Since building these, Phil has installed UGBs and OBELs on others' axes, too.

 #125335  by one eyed jack
 Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:50 pm
Awesome... thanks guys. Those are some sweet looking guitars. I pulled off the old electronics from the strat and I am giving it a go as we speak, mounting the dimarzios. One set of the demarzio SUPER 2's I bought new off ebay don't have the mounting springs in the package and there is like a weird waxy gunk on the metal that isn't on the other set? the metal mount on the pick up looks weathered too... the guy said they were new but had been sitting in the box for a few years. The seal on the box hadn't been broken you think this set is dead? any of y'all ever run into this? guess there is only one way to find out if it works.
 #125340  by tcsned
 Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:10 am
My buddy John said that he'd be happy to do it if you're still looking for someone.