#124471  by darkstar74
 Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:10 pm
Lookin at my deadbase #9..hardcover...just noticed it only goes to 91... which one goes to 95?? Feel like im missin out on important statistics.........also in dire need/want of " deadheads taping compendium vol . 2..." .......any available????
 #124478  by TI4-1009
 Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:56 pm
My Deadbase IX paperback goes to 12/31/94??
 #124523  by mttourpro
 Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:11 pm
Deadbase X is complete.

Not that I'd ever sell my hardcover of it, but I've seen it listed on Amazon for ridiculous amounts of money.
Be sure to be sitting down if you click the link below.

http://www.amazon.com/Deadbase-Ten-Comp ... 1877657204

here's an XI for a bit less.

http://www.amazon.com/Deadbase-XI-Compl ... 1877657220
 #124525  by ebick
 Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:18 pm
TI4-1009 wrote:My Deadbase IX paperback goes to 12/31/94??
I have a paperback IX and while the main list only goes through 94, there is a separate supplemental list (which doesn't figure into stats or anything) that has '95 through the final show (pages 434-435)
 #124566  by amyjared
 Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:30 pm
I had DB VIII or IX and I sold it to buy X, thinking X had everything, but it didn't have the complete Jerry Band listing that I had in the one I sold, which bummed me out at the time (although I did buy X brand new when it came out for whatever it was going for at the time, like $35?) Wish I hadn't have sold the older one, though.
 #124574  by Mr.Burns
 Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:01 am
Big money for a reference that's supposedly riddled with errors(according to Bear). I have IX paperback, and have spent 100's of hours poring over it cover to cover. I think the post-hiatus stats are generally accepted as rock-solid due to the increase in the number of tapers, but some early listings are questionable.
 #124593  by WildEye
 Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:20 pm
Can someone clue me in on why this costs so much? (not a snarky comment , I'm truly curious).
 #124596  by ebick
 Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:39 pm
WildEye wrote:Can someone clue me in on why this costs so much? (not a snarky comment , I'm truly curious).
only thing I can speculate is that it's an out of print book with not a ton of copies in circulation......supply and demand.