name, city, instrument, years of playing, current band, gear
 #123123  by ricepr
 Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:51 am
Deadhead since 77, played guitar since then too. 53 year old in a duo called Nine Mile Skid. We play Dead tunes , tunes they covered, and ones they should/would have. The latter is our small loophole for doin what we feel like

PRS hollowbody spruce with piezo, Squier strat, bandmasterreverb, 1x15 and 4x10 cabs, Taylor 510, emma discombobulator, lpb-1, boss octave, ibanez ad-9, g2d custom overdrive, mxr dist +

Musical influences- other ones include Neil, Stills, Airplane, johnny Cash, The Band. Newer ones include Drive By Truckers and Band of Heathens

Physicist, theory. Thas bout it I reckon for now