#120015  by tapestry
 Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:50 pm
Dave Hebert form Melvin Seals and JGB used my HT cab (with jbls) and my 2100 mcintosh for Saturday's show in Saratoga. He used just his twin on Friday night and I brought my speaker cab and mac in for Saturday for him to use. It is amazing to me to hear what a difference a cabinet and using the mac make vs a straight twin combo sound. Transient spikes from the mac add that extra sparkle and the HT cab is much deeper and richer.

I get to sit in with Melvin Seals and Dead Ahead tomorrow night in Saranac Lake - Im really looking forward to it. Ill see if I cant get a clip of it to post. Ill hopefully be using my own tiger through Dave's twin, then my mcintosh and HT cab. Should be fun!