#112123  by jjpdolan
Hi, I am a beginner bass player and have been working Broken arrow. I got the guitar tabs but cannot find any bass tabs, can anyone help, thanks : )
 #112465  by Lunchbox16
jjp... you're not the first to inquire about bass tabs here, but unfortunately the answer is pretty much always the same. There really aren't any because Phil never plays the same thing twice. The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is learn the signature licks, and then just the song structure. As long as you know the chords and a few scales and arpeggios on the bass you'll have plenty to keep yourself busy. My other advice would be to keep things moving at all times.
 #112492  by Lunchbox16
That's why I tend to ask Rusty specific questions, e.g. how do you play this riff? What do you do for this section of song X? Can you go over modes... again?

If you have questions about a certain part of Broken Arrow we're all happy to help.

 #112723  by jjpdolan
thanks guys, I know the scales but the advice on the arpeggios should help me keep things flowing better, thanks again