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 #112239  by ImJerryToo
 Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:11 am
Recently picked up a "variety pack" of 6 wood picks on Ebay.


Especially on acoustic. The feel, the tone... this is what I've been looking for. I also like the feel in my hand -- they are a little thicker than other "heavy" picks.

I've tried the various graphites, stubbies, pickboys, you name it. Planned on loving the Adamas but for me they were just "OK". But now I never want to be without a wood pick again!

At first I found the harmonics didn't come quite as easily, but either I got used to doing them with the wood or they came better with some break-in time. Either way, its all good now.

I just have to figure out now if there's a certain wood type I like better than the others. Only thing I know so far about that is the ebony is too slippery.

Anybody else a fan?

If you use a big heavy pick and haven't tried wood -- check em out!
 #112251  by tcsned
 Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:10 am
I've tried them - they're cool but I lost the one I had and never got around to getting another. What wood are you using?
 #112257  by Pete B.
 Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:57 am
I picked up a Cherrywood pick at a bluegrass festival (2mm-ish).
It is very cool looking and it sounds cool (a good match for the neck pickup) and feels good in my hand, but sometimes there is something going on where it is really slippery.
Not my main pick, but fun to have around for sure.
 #112290  by Trecia
 Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:16 pm
I was using some homemade ebony picks for a while when I was feeling more of a jazzy tone. Really mellow and smooth sounding and they tended to wear out fast.. But I was pretty easy to make more out of little scraps of wood with a grinder (watch yer fingers!). I was using that and flatwounds. I can't imagine what it sounded like now. And the ebony was slightly more difficult to find if dropped on a dark floor in a bar than an adamas pick... Yes that's possible! Now I'm off the other end. I don't think I'm ready for a metal or stone pick, but something even a little brighter and harder than the graphite would be interesting to try. But I'm not sure what that would even be.
 #112302  by mijknahs
 Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:50 pm
I've made some cocobolo picks at home that worked pretty well. I gave some away and need to make more!
 #112377  by ImJerryToo
 Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:55 pm
tcsned wrote: What wood are you using?
hehehe... Uh, unfortunately I'm not sure. As I mentioned, I bought an assortment, got 5 different woods. They came in nice little marked baggies, which I proceded to quickly lose. I had in mind to put marks or something on them so I would know if there was a variety I liked the best, but it didn't happen.

Looking at the seller's pics, I think the one I've been most inclined to use is ipe.

If anyone is interested (not spamming, I've got no connection to the seller), here's where I got the set: ... 3a71c08812

Oh yeah, and I laid one flat next to a 2 mm Gatorgrip, and I'd say these picks are about 2.5 mm thickness.

mijknahs wrote:I've made some cocobolo picks at home that worked pretty well. I gave some away and need to make more!

Man, I'd love to try cocobolo! If you make any more, and are so inclined hit me a PM, I'll buy one or work out some kind of trade or something.
 #112381  by ImJerryToo
 Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:45 pm
Well I see that seller has some other variety packs, and including one with cocobolo. Gonna grab one of those.