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 #108506  by Boston_Patriot
 Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:27 am
Yes, I'm righty, and I've seen's sweeet! Curious as to why your selling. Any reason why you went little 59? I'm thinking Shep Bly Sky in the neck and a Fralin Unbucker in the bridge (and, of course, the Super II). Shep said he really doesn't like his split, but hey...Jerry and Dickey are my priority tones. Does that sound good to you- thought I'd ask with your experience with a "do-it-all" Walker.
 #108512  by playingdead
 Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:57 am
Scott's one of the makers I carry in my shop ... I can get a build spot for you if you want a new one, he can do whatever you can dream up. He's running out of spots for this year, though.

It's challenging to fit three full-sized pickups in the Special, and I wanted the Super II in the middle for the Jerry stuff, so I tried the Lil '59. It's a really nice pickup, I like it a lot. I'm pretty happy with the Lollar at the bridge, sounds good to my ears.

The Santa Cruz I have has Lollar full-sized single coils, they sound great, too.