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 Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:53 am
jeffm725 wrote:Here's a quickie...........

JGB May 1983 at the Bushnell in Hartford. 2 night run. Standing outside on the curb at the side of the theater Pre-Show. Pouring rain, My girlfriend and I (I was 16) standing with an umbrella. Limo pulls up, Jerry and Rock Scully get out and Jerry says to me "Can I get a Ride with you" I was confused (and mind altered) and muttered something like "But you're already here?" and he laughed and goes, "No, I want to ride under your umbrella." So we walked him to the backstage door.Talked about a couple mundane things, I asked him for a Tangled up in Blue. In the very early 80's even though he was playing Tangled a lot, it was still pretty special at Jerry shows, always got like the biggest reception of the night, at least on the East Coast. Anyway, when Jerry went through the door,Rock hung around and talked to us another minute or so, asking how many shows we were seeing, where we lived, etc... and was asking about the availability of certain <ahem> items.
We had great seats like second row on Jerry's side. (these were the small theater JGB days, EVERY seat was great!) anyway, During setbreak, Rock came out front and hung backstage passes around my neck and my girlfriends neck and took us to the hospitality room backstage. We hung out for break, (jerry wasnt there) and when it became apparent the second set was going to start we were about to head back to our seats, but instead we were invited to watch from the side of the stage with about 20 others on Jerry's side. We were just standing there when Jerry walked right by us on his way to the stage and says "hey, its the umbrella team" as he starts to continue to the stage my girlfriend goes, "What about that Tangled?" ..... he then proceded to open the second set with it, and during the intro bars, turned to us at the side of the stage, peered over his glasses, smiled and nodded to us. We thought we were the coolest......haha

By the way, from a historical perspective JGB was on FIRE this tour. These 2 Hartford shows were great, but the Cape Cod show immediately before (I was there) and the Roseland show (I was there but couldnt get in :-( immediately following the Hartford shows, were simply epic. It is like the JGB version of GD's May 1977.

See here is the thing with these, this was supposed to be the quickie, and it ends up not being so quick! It seems people are interested in everyone's stories, and I am too, I know some people on rukind certainly have some Great ones, and I would love to hear them too! I actually have a couple good ones to share, where I actually had some meaningful dialogue with Jerry, Bobby and Brent.... but I am going to have to do those from home as those are going to take quite a while to type up and when my Boss (who sits 10 feet from me) hears me typing for 45 minutes straight, he knows it's not part of my normal IT duties!!