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 #104412  by PaintedMandolin
 Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:12 pm
I recently posted this on the Acoustic Section but was advised by a member to post it in a higher traffic place on Rukind.
Apologies if this rubs some of you wrong, but basically, I am trying to spread the word as widely as possible as this is a really potent, powerful, well loved, heavily played and very highly cherised Mandolin. In short, it's a banjo killer.

On September 18th my Mandolin was stolen from my car just after completing a set at the Bluegrassin' in the Foothills Fest in Plymouth, CA.
This was actually on a bridge over the Cosumnes River at the Eldorado/Amador County line. I was swimming in the river when the break-in happened.

This is a 2004 F5 with a Brown Varnish Finish, white Ivoroid binding on top and back, Pearl Scroll Work in the headplate, a new pearl nut, custom ebony finger rest, McIntyre Feather Piezo Pickup wired to a 1/4" endpin jack with a Black Tone Gard, Red Snark Tuner with strings, tuner fork, cutters, string winder etc in the pocket of the White, hardshell Calton case. The case has a green metal plate with the name Johnny Green stamped into it.

I will pay $500 to any with accurate information that leads to the recovery of this instrument (presuming it gets back to me in playable condition).

My post: ... =retrieval

Incidentally, I am a long time Dead Head who also plays Jerry Style Acoustic and Electric Guitar, upright and electric bass and plenty of Bluegrass, Swing, Blues and Folk in and around San Francisco.

Thanks for looking and please share this with anyone you know who is mandolintelligent or loves hi quality acoustic instruments.


Grateful Ted / Painted Mandolin / Treblemaker
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 #104467  by PaintedMandolin
 Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:11 am
Found: My Lawrence Smart F5 #124

I am a bit squirrelly about posting this until this mandolin is safely back at home and in my possession...

On my drive home from work last night (exactly one month to the day it was stolen) I received a cellphone call from a bummed out musician who said he'd just put a $300 deposit down on a unique, amazing sounding Smart F5 mandolin at a music store on Auburn Boulevard in Sacramento.

When he got home he fired up his interweb and found my Stolen Mandolin posting at He immediately called me and provided the details on where he'd played it.

I immediately called the store in question and then the Sheriff offices in the county where it was Stolen and in Sacramento.

I'm hoping to get this back by the weekend.

Hopefully with no further drama.


Grateful Ted