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 #101325  by unnbrokenchain
 Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:19 pm
Here is some noodling I found today. Recorded 10/01/2010. At the time I was playing a 1972 Fender Bandmaster through two E120's. My guitar is a Carvin Sh65. At the time the modifications to it were the onboard effects loop and the Tiger preamp CB1. Everything else was still stock (one tone 3 way switch two carvin humbuckers). So basically, with the exception of the SBI preamp, this was a fairly basic general clean rig. My Carvin is in the shop now getting a total makeover. 100% Rosebod wiring configuration.

Anyways this is me noodling

Oh and forgive some of the Mic clipping. I'm still a big n00b when it comes to recording. I'm getting better though.