#100427  by Staemius
 Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:52 am
I'm taking the plunge soon with a rig set-up. I plan to put 100watt Jensen neo's into a twin cab and I'll be using the Mosvalve MV-962 to power it (80watt per channel wth 4Ohm minimum). Can anyone recommend what Ohm ratings I should get for the Jensens and whether to wire series vs. parallel? Or perhaps run two 1x12s in stereo? Too many options - I need some sage advice here, lol - thanks.
 #100430  by strumminsix
 Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:19 am
IF my math is correct for most volume you'd get 2 4ohm speakers and use a channel for each.

However, most folks buy 8ohm as they are more common, easier to sell, allow for more configurations, ect
 #100439  by Pete B.
 Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:08 am
I have one and have ran it that way with two 4-ohm 12's.
What they don't want you to do is connect two 4-0hm speakers to the two Channel-A (or B) outputs. That would be a 2-ohm load.
You can run a single cord to channel A, and then there is a Line Out from Channel A to jumper to Channel B. This is basically Dual Mono.
This is nice if you are using different speaker brands/models/ohms because you can balance the individual speaker volumes.
Or if you convert to Stereo somewhere along the line you can go directly to Channel A and Channel B inputs.
I never ran it bridged to one 12, although there is supposed to be a way to run a single speaker at 160W.
It looks like using Channel A input alone, and one speaker to Channel A Output, gets you the 160W.
http://www.genzbenz.com/img/manuals/tw/ ... Manual.pdf
 #100449  by Pete B.
 Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:45 am
Bear62 wrote:Do not attempt to Birdge the A&B Channels on an MV962. The Manual specifically warns against it!
That is specific to the Outputs. On the left in this pic, two Channel A outputs on top, two Channel B outputs on the bottom. Don't jumper those.
You can jumper Channel A Input to Channel B Input using the Line Out from Channel A to Channel B Input for Dual Mono.