Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

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Women Are Smarter


 Last Updated 02/16/97

E                         B          E

E                                                     B
Let us put men and women together to see which one is smarter
Some say the men but I say no,
    B                        E
The women got the men like a puppet show

It ain't me, it's the people who say
Men are leading the women astray
I say it's the women today
Smarter than the man in every way.

That's right the women are smarter,
       E                   B
That's right the women are smarter,
That's right the women are smarter,
    B                         E
The women are smarter, that's right.

Little boy sit on the corner and cry,
Big man come and ask him why
He say I can't do what the big boys do,
The man sat down and he cried too.

Ever since the world began,
Women been mendin' the ways of man,
Listen boys, cause I got a plan,
Give it up, don't try to understand.

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