#173072  by Darkstar860
I took out my HRD head today and had it going thu my JBL e-120 2x12 cab. With the RCA tubes and some of the mods ive done this amp sounds saweet. Has its own thing going on, would take it with me as a back up knowing itd be able to do what I need it to do tone wise. Its def not a Twin by any means, but with the right mods done its pretty sweet. Too bad out of the box these dont sound like this. The one I have is USA made, it was originally a 2x12 combo. I still replaced just about everything in it when I did the mods and what not years ago, but the newer ones use really cheap stuff. So if ya get a new one or a used one, save yourself the future hassle and just bring it in to a tech and have him take care of it right away.