#171729  by TI4-1009
This is the voice of experience telling you that unless you have a desire to lower your action at the first few frets- "leave well enough alone". Ommmmmmm..........
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 #171731  by lbpesq
I'm from the "if it ain't broke, don't f**k with it" school. If you still are considering doing this, make sure that lowering the saddles leaves enough string clearance over the front rail of the bridge (a mistake with which I am, unfortunately, all too familiar!)

Bill, tgo
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 #171737  by LazyLightning72
Thanks guys,
I have solved the problem, better to not accidentally create another. I will just leave it alone, and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

If I can ever find some new blank saddles, that will work in my bridge, then I might replace them all.

Have a great weekend!