When it doesn't fit anywhere else
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Jon S. wrote: Sun Jul 11, 2021 7:42 am I know many folks love George L solderless cables. They gave me nothing but trouble, undoubtedly due to my personal assembly lameness, but a man must know his limitations. I switched to these and am much happier now.

https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail ... ngle-angle

I’m glad you posted those
I ordered a half dozen of the small ones, just got them yesterday. Looking forward to how they will look when I switch them out for the ones I’m currently using
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I'm going to replace one of the pedals on my board (probably the XTS Pegasus Boost at the very end of the chain) with a newly ordered Pro Co Rat 2. Yeah, I know many folks think of this pedal as a "hard distortion bordering on fuzz," but I think with the distortion set low and the volume way up it can serve well as an overdrive, too. Indeed, my fave overdrive/distortion model on my Line 6 M13 is the Classic Distortion model which is based on the Pro Co Rat. The V2 has some useful upgrades, including an on/off LED.